World’s fastest speed

There are so many different types of objects which are organically existing or human created on Earth. Each of these has a particular speed that they can maximally obtain. Sadly no, you cannot harness the speeds of the objects and creations below. However, you are able to witness and utilize one of the fascinations that extends beyond the Earth that shall come later. The anticipation is building already.az_cheetah

Let us start with things physically on earth. Cheetahs are well known to be the fastest land animal, Usain St. Leo Bolt C.D can be seen as the fastest human taking a mere 9.59 seconds to run 100m, Barabus came out with their TKR vehicle which has top speeds of 270 mph. However there is one thing in particular that goes the fastest speed which was created on Earth.

When NASA decided to start building the Juno Mission spacecraft, they had big plans in mind. It was projected to travel very quickly in a slingshot type way around Earth and then towards Jupiter. Well, they definitely got more than they were anticipating with the speeds ! The spacecraft accelerated to 25 miles per second and quickly became the will swing around Earth towards Jupiter, reaching 25 miles per second, becoming the fastest man-made object in history. If you think about a .50 caliber bullet, it only goes at roughly half a mile per second. As you can see this is a vast difference in speeds.who-is-usain-bolt-is-star-or-no-star-usain-st-leo-bolt-celebrity-vote

If you want to travel beyond the realm of simply Earth, you can find one definitive thing and one speculative thing that are fastest humans have been able to discover. The definitive thing that can be tested and observed easily is light. If light is in a vacuum it is presently defined to be exactly 299,792,458 m/s (about 186,282.397 miles per second). In a single second you could orbit the whole earth 7.4 times. Albeit, cannot say that it would be that interesting to watch since it would be over so quickly!barabus_tkr_01

Traveling further into the vast imaginations and far beyond the concrete knowledge by humans lies the
potential existence of superluminal particles. These are considered tachyons and are a class of putative particles which could even surpassthe speed of light. Long ago physicist Arnold Sommerfeld pondered the concept of tachyons. They were later named tachyons by Gerald Feinberg. He obtained this name as a derivitave of the Greek word tachus, which means “speedy.” Tachyons and their properties are incredibly unique and could be seen as the fastest in the known universe. They are only able to gain speed if they are losing energy. This means that when they gain energy, they start to slow down. However, the slowest speed that they would possibly be able to slow down to would be the speed of light. So, they are either always equal to the speed of light or are faster.2254531_orig

So many variables can go into deciding what is ultimately the fastest thing on Earth. There are so many things that you can look into and discover, hopefully you go on your way with some interesting things to think about.

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