World’s fastest rocket

Spacecrafts have always been a source of curiosity for each one us. Fortunately, space investigation organizations from all over the world have been highly successful in the improvisation of space technology. There are a many interesting things about these objects, like, their construction, working, materials used, design, safety ,but, the one aspect that keeps even the ‘not’ so technically driven people, amazed ,is “speed”. Every single, fuel driven vehicle is judged by people on the basis of its speed. This is what technology is all about, from mobile phones to ATM machines,everything has been invented to lesser the time taken for accomplishment of a given task. Spacecrafts are the biggest celebration of speed. Just like the gears of a car, there are also some levels of speed in spacecrafts as well, known as ‘cosmic velocities’. These take the rockets out form the earth’s atmosphere, into the space. The rockets have to surpass the gravitational pull of earth to fly to other planets and out of the solar system. Here’s is a list of top 5 rockets ever sent in space:1 .New horizonsdt was launched by NASA on January 19, 2006. this spacecraft was launched to study Pluto and kuiper belt. Its speed, 58,536 km per hour, gathered a lot of attention, making it the fastest spacecraft of all time. It clocked the fastest launch, reaching moon in just 9 hours and getting to Jupiter the following year. Since, it can not depend on sun energy for power supply as its near Pluto, it was made a nuclear- driven spacecraft that is expected to last till 2020s.

2. PIA17462Voyager 1 :lt was launched by NASA on September 5,1977. this spacecraft aimed at studying, the outer solar system, its primary objective was to make flybys to Jupiter, Saturn, Saturn’s moon ‘Titan’. It was also aimed at encountering Pluto by forgoing the Titan was the first spacecraft to give detailed images of the Jupiter and moons of Saturn, it speed being, 64,10 kilometers per hour.

3.pioneer10_art Pioneer 10:lt completed the first mission to Jupiter and become the first missile ever to overcome the escape velocity of solar system. Its speed was 132000 km per hour. Launched in 1972 by NASA, also, became the first spacecraft to cross the Mars’ orbit through the asteroid belt and eventually out of Neptune which was the furthest known planet at that time, in 1989.

4.11717956263_6fbb916295_o stardust:lt is the fastest spacecraft re-entering the earth, showed a speed of 46,440 km per hour.

Launched by NASA in 1999, with the mission of collecting the dust samples, comic samples and returning back to earth for analysis of the samples. It returned on July,2006 , making the fastest re-enter speed of 12.9 km per second.

5. apollo-10_2Apollo 10:The first manned spacecraft to ever record a speed of 39,896 km per hour. Launched in 1969, by NASA, with the mission to moon. It was the fourth spacecraft sent by NASA and the second with the mission to moon which was actually meant to be a rehearsal for the actual moon landing. It set the Guinness world record for highest speed ever attained by a manned spacecraft.

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