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When it comes to rap and hip-hop, there are rap artists that can really spit on the Mic. You might know of one, who can really drop countless syllables within a few seconds, such that you can’t get a word they are saying without requiring a highly sophisticated computerized transcriber to tell for sure. In fact you might be one of them if you are reading this! However, when it comes to documented facts about the world’s fastest rap artists, we have a good number of them you might need to take a look at. Chill and relax, coz here are the top 10 fastest rapping artists of all time.

1. Tonedeffbd1e82493ac33ab987657cd26ceabf35.608x608x1

Historically, the American based rapper Tonedeff has had his fair share as the fastest rapper in as far as hip-hop is concerned. Especially in his hit Velocity and, the artist has a rapid way of rhyme and punch line delivery, achieving him high ratings as the fastest rapper of all time.

2. Outsiderm1000x1000

The South Korean rapper, outsider has also kept things going on for quite some time. Also known as Shin Ok -cheol, the rapper was denied the title as the fastest rap artist in the world due to the fact that he wouldn’t deliver in English as fast as he would in his native language. With a good 21 syllables a second, outsider can really spit ion the Mic fast. His lyric dropping speed is just one of a kind.

3. Twisted InsaneANd9GcQqTS4N4nk-9mpkHOKtcDGFV6YaC_VQZorUJpgBFKc7poBG3TlVM95_f5s

Another artist who apparently gives makes Twista the slowest rapper, Twisted Insane claims a huge spot in the list of the fastest lyric dropping artistes in the world. A huge number of hip hop fans actually believe that Twisted should actually be granted the honors of the number one spot.

4. Twista02.12.15top_image_twista

The American rapper, Twista has is well renowned for holding the Guinness World Book of Records title as the world’s fastest rap artist for a long time. With his real name not known to many, including his diehard fans, Carl Terrell Mitchell is a darling to many through his chopper style way of dropping aDem lyrics. He was born in Chicago Illinois and currently holds a record label that goes by the name Get Money Gang Ent.

5. Rebel XDbwo0qd1jhdqsovh6xkzy

Also from Chicago is another really fast rap artist, Rebel XD. Having won the Guinness world Book Of Records Title a couple of times for being the world’s fastest rap artist, the aDnotorious’ rapper has been in the news and journals more times than you knew. His name comes from his attitude in his music where he denotes that when it comes to his music, you can love it, hate it, or kiss your aDasses’ (Rebel), as well as his belief of being extremely dope (XD).

Other artists who’ve had a significant impact in the top 5 list of the world’s fastest rap artists include Eminem, (Mashall  Mothers), Tech N9ne (Aaron D Yetes), El Chojin (Domingo E Moreno), Busta Rhymes (Trevor T Smith), and Krayze Bone (Anthony Henderson) All of these artistes have it really going on when it comes to dropping countless syllables in seconds on the Mic.

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