world’s fastest football player

With a vast number of players, different players during attack and defending, some re faster than the other but today many players have proven to be fastest with the ball.

When asked about who is the fastest players in the world, many will argue that Theo Walcot,Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Gareth Bale are the fastest players. Now if you can guess who is the fastest player in the world of football? This can be answered according to the speed clocked by the players during the match as outlined by the world football governing body, FIFA.

1 .Antonio Valencia (EPL Winger and Defender -Manchester United).Capture11

Manchester united player is the fastest player in the world. The Ecuadorian joined Manchester united in 2009 as an out winger but is now being played in defense by Louis Van Gaal.

Antonio Valencia recorded an incredible speed of 35.1 kilometers per hour though his achievements have been marginalized by constant injuries.

2. Gareth Bale (La Liga Winger -Real Madrid).0a4f82646a95b516559a8cff2933653e

Real Madrid player who moved from Tottenham Ftotspur in September 2013 and has since been the figure at Real, Bale is swift with the ball and the recent study by FIFA showed that, he recorded a close speed of 34.7 kilometers per hour to the first Antonio Valencia.

3. Aaron Lennon (EPL Winger- Everton).972772-15909231-640-360

An argentine player, since he joined Barcelona, he has been outstanding and scoring goals almost each games. Tackling him could sometimes prone the defenders to being booked.

Messi though the most fantastic and successful player, he currently stands at number 6 with a recorded speed of 32.5 kilometers per hour.

7. Wayne Rooney (Center Forward -Manchester United).Wayne-Rooney-110315

Joined Manchester united from Everton in august 2004, he has suffered constant injuries which has greatly reduced his form .Rooney though was being used by Sir Alex Ferguson as holding midfielder, he has struggled under Louis Van Gaal stats, as a center forward, the FIFA ranked him at number 7 in terms of the fastest football player with a speed of 31.2 kilometers per hour.

8. Frank Ribery (Bundesliga winger -Bayern Munich).229133

The Bayern Munich player though is suffering from long term injuries; his presence on the field has a huge boost as sometimes his stable huge body enables him to suit to the front wing, Ribery has swiftly been ranked at number 8 according to the FIFA with a speed of 30.7 kilometers per hour.

9. Arjen Robben (Bundesliga winger -Bayern Munich).1656428-35126502-1600-900

The Bayern Munich player has comes out of injuries with a classic goal scoring techniques in the recent UEFA champions against arsenal. Robben whenever he touches the ball, his pace has been a problem to defenders .According to the FIFA rankings, the latest speed he has recorded at number 9 is 30.4 kilometers per hour.

10. Alexis Sanchez (EPL winger -Arsenal).i

Alexis joined arsenal I 2014 from Barcelona and has emerged with an outstanding performance for arsenal this season, his fast pace has enabled hi, to score and give assists in the awake of sleeping defender.

As per FIFA rankings, Sanchez completes out top 10 fastest football player at a speed record of 30.1 kilometers per hour.

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