World’s fastest drummer

Deciding who the world’s fastest drummer is, perhaps, among the most subjective tasks that an individual can undertake. Drumming, often associated with music, can be judged by as many criteria as there are ears and eyes in the world. Drumming is a term that describes the act of rapid and repetitive strikes on a percussion instrument such as a drum. Going by this alone, and then the world’s fastest drummer would be Tom Grosset, who set a new record in 2013 by being the second person in history to hit 1200 strokes in a minute after Mike Mangini.
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He set the record between 2002 and 2005. Grosset went a step further a broke the record by hitting 1208 strokes. It’s no simple feat as it means that he was moving his hand at 20 times each second. Despite the phenomenal achievement, being a fast drummer does not translate to being a good drummer. Being a fast drummer is not just about being able to hit the drum the most times, it also entails making the beats into a work of art. The melody coming from the beats should be electrifying, thrilling, speaking to the audience in the most basic and raw form possible.


The tempo of a drummer’s speed can be judged using the senses of sound and sight. As mentioned above, the objective form of looking at drumming may not translate to good music. Hence, we are left with the task of looking at drumming from a subjective point of view. For this to happen, there needs to be a consensus of sorts achieved between speed and rhythm. It implies that not only should the beat be fast but that it should also be in sync with the feelings the music is meant to evoke. The drummer is also a performer and being a performer holds the inherent obligation of being capable of evoking excitement and interest amongst the fans. The most relevant quest would be, aDwho is the fastest drummer in the world with the ability to excite the audience with his speed?’
Joey Jordison comes to mind as the fastest drummer working on a single bass pedal. He is part of the band Slipknot, which legions of fans around the world, all who herald him as the fastest drummer in the world. Though this may be true, it is also important to look at world’s fastest drummer from ab objective and subjective view. However, it is also important to acknowledge that public opinion matters since it is they who lend their sight and hearing to judge music. Another individual who boasts of this fame is Mike Atkin of Cryptopsy,

Atkin has drumming excellence and a level of flexibility that allows him to move almost flawlessly from one genre to another. More than anything, the world’s fastest drummer should not just be good and fast, but should also strive to improve his skill. Tom Grosset, Joey Jordison and Mike Atkin emerge as the world’s fastest drummer based on different criteria. Tom Grosset is the fastest drummer in the world based on beats per minute. Drummers Joey Jordison of Slipknot and Mike Atkin of Cryptopsy and both fast and good.

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