World’s fastest car

There are always so many ways through which the performance aspect of an auto can be evaluated however the most favorite of them is the speed factor. Auto enthusiasts are always amazed by the speed aspect. The reason behind can be attributed that faster speed always implies better performance as well as functionalities of a given auto.

Koenigsegg CCX, Audi R8, Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, Ferrari F430

There are so many brands out there and this means that there is always a wide collection to choose from. For speed lovers, the question has however remained as what is the world’s fastest car. The answer to this is always an open one as the race is always open for the auto manufacturers to improve on the speed aspects so as to suit different requirements by auto enthusiasts.

fastest cars 2015 in the world-Bugatti Veyron2015 -(5)- --When talking about which auto is the world’s fastest we will always think of high end car manufacturers like the Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti, Audi and so on. The most striking aspect is that there are always big surprises in that there are manufacturers who are not that known and steal the limelight whenever there is some auto show on display.

supercar-wallpapers-bugatti-1 On top of the list is Bugatti Veyron Super Sport and this piece of auto boasts of speed limits of up to 268 mile per hour for a price tag of over $1.7 million. This brand can be sported anywhere as it is the favorite among celebrities and other hind end personalities. To keep on the speed Bugatti Super Sport is powered on a 4 turbo charged engine producing over 1000 horsepower. Bugatti is keen on maintaining its top spot as the world’s fastest car producer and this has born fruits as the company has been favorably ranked over the past years.

bugatti-veyron-16-4-super-sport_5Bugatti didn’t hold on to this precious position that long thanks to the Hennessey Venom GT. This energy beast can move with speed of over 270 mile per hour and is powered by high end 7 liter double turbo charged engine which generates horsepower of 1224. This hard built sports utility will prove to be the game changer as soon as it will hit the auto market. Questions have been asked about the eligibility of Hennessey have raised lots of doubts but the chances are close to slim for this auto to be soon recognized as world’s fastest.


Other brands worth mentioning in this classification include the lesser known Koenigsegg having speed limit of 242 mph, McLaren F1, 214 mph; and the SSC Ultimate Aero having speed of 256 mph. These are some of the speed monsters out there in the motor world and with time these might prove to be even slower as the quest for a higher speed and super performance is ever on demand thanks to the pride that these auto utilities offer. Technological aspects are ever dynamic and this implies that the fastest car today may be the slowest in about two decades time. To give some real insight as to which is the world’s fastest cars this article will discuss some of the well-known autos in this category and give a brief description thereby.

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