World’s fanniest jokes

There were three men , a mathematician, a philosopher and an idiot, who dispite of their differences were good friends and lived in the same neighbourhood. One day the three gentlemen agreed to go out for a ride in town in one of the latest model that the philosopher had bought, just to show off to his friends on his silverish car. As they were riding to the town, the car got an accident and crashed in a bridge and before they knew it they knew where they were, they found themselves standing before the golden doors of heaven where Angel Gabriel, and the devil were standing The three men looked at each other as they waited for Angel Gabriel to speak to them, so they thought.


The Devil started, “Gentlemen,” Due to the shortage of the Bangalows and the Mansons in Heaven which most have been occupied and the place is overcrowded. Angel Gabriel on has accepted to minimise the number of people who are entering heaven. If you gentlemen asks me one question of which I cannot answer, or may be I do not know, then you are worthy enough to enter heaven if not you will follow me to Hell. Angel Gabriel nodded in agreement of what the Devil had said.


Mr. Devil, kindly tell me the most complicated formula you can imagine of, the Mathematician asked the Devil. With a flip of his fingers a pile of papers appeared. He read it to the mathematician and the Mathematician reluctantly agreed it was correct. The Devil told him to go to Hell and just like he did with his fingers the mathematician disappeared. When the Philosopher saw that he asked the Devil the hardest questions so he thought.


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The Idiot told the Devil, “Bring a Seat, brought an old rugged Chair and the idiot told the Devil to Drill seven holes. The Devil wondered what it was for but laughed as he knew it was easy to do so and in a flip of a finger this idiot will disappear just like the other men who thought they were wiser than me and he drilled the holes on the chair. When he was through drilling, the Idiot sat on the Seat and brought out a very very loud and smelly fart which almost made the Devil and the Angel to disappear, then the Idiot stood up and asked the Devil. “Which of the holes that you drilled did my fart come from? The Devil checked the seat and told the Idiot, the fourth hole from the left.


“Wrong” the idiot said, “it is my asshole idiot”. and he went to heaven.

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