world’s easiest language

If you are wondering what new language you might enjoy learning, but you want to steer clear of languages that are difficult to learn, French might be the right choice.55a2d16f75987

The French language has so much in common with English that any native English speaker should pick it up with ease. Also, if English is not your native tongue and you we able to learn it (bravo), it at least gives you an edge on learning French, as it is well known that much of the English language is derived from French roots.a2karaoke.pl_3275_2

While it may seem intimidating, just remember that every speaker of every language has to learn. Even children raised up to speak French don’t learn the complex verb tenses and technical rules until later. Conversational French, though, can be a breeze. Much of it can be understood by someone who has never even ventured to learn the language simply because of the similarities to many words in English. Flor, for example. It’s pretty close to flower, and that’s probably why most people know what it means when they see it.consumerrretail1

Another point to remember is, French is every, and has been for a long time. They have great food, pretty things, and beautiful cities. Many people dream of visiting France, and Flollywood bolsters itself up with the mysticism of French life. The world is a bit fascinated with them. The TV series “LOST” even featured a woman on a transistor radio frequency repeating an SOS signal for 14 years on a loop. The chilling message played several times. Would that scene have been so effective in plain English? Doubt it!i

Next, let’s talk music. Christina Aguilera and the cast of Moulin Rouge have already given you a French lesson or two if you saw the movie or listened to the sound track. Many of us now know that “voulez-vous coucher avec moi, se coir” translates to “do you want to sleep with me tonight”. Thanks for that, Christina! In case you ever needed to know, there you have it, right?

Finally, FOOD. Yes, food. We all know it. We all love it. We know the French do it best. Restaurants use French words all the time, which we have stolen. You probably speak a bit of French here and there without even knowing it. A croissant, for example, from the cafe, in America is…. basically the same thing. Sorry if you got excited, there. Then again, no I’m not. I know you saw that one coming.teachforamerica

The fact that French home decor has become so popular helps a lot. That counts! If you know how to say “Welcome” or “Kitchen” in French because you saw it on a mat or a jar at the department store, congratulations, you learned two new words in French! Any language that you can learn by accident must be pretty simple.

It’s pretty, it’s popular… French is that popular kid in school that everyone is trying to get to know. Since French is always being talked about, it’s easy to learn all about it. Now you know what the easiest language in the world is, so get started!

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