World’s dumbest man

Every passing day, the terrorist is emerging as the dumbest person on Earth! While travelling through the length and breadth of this world, I am subjected to inconveniencing body checks at air-ports, thanks to the terrorist’s dumbness.american-flag-beautiful-images-hd-new-wallpapers-of-us-flag
In his true element, the terrorist selectively interprets the Koran and distorts it to get a leverage to inflict pain and suffering on innocent people, including Muslems he purports to fight for.
What makes a terrorist appear dumb is his obnoxious belief that if he maims and kills while yelling aDAIIahu-Akbar’ he will be handed a dozen virgins to struggle with upon landing in Heaven! How laughable? Aren’t there flocks of virgins down here?
Only a dump person will tie suicide vests around his body to blow himself up after committing nauseous murder! This dumbness has crippled people physically, destroyed them socially and shattered them emotionally. For the sheer thought of virgins, a terrorist can do anything including beheading students!nigeria-getty
Institutions have been destroyed and economies shattered.
Since the terrorist reared his ugly head on the face of the world, numerous Muslim countries have disintegrated or have been reduced to pariah states, isolating them from the league of nations.
Countries like Afghanistan have been reduced to rubble, while nations like Iraq, Syria and Libya have been
engulfed in civil wars. Whole generations have been wasted as simple operations as vaccinations are never administered to children.
A terrorist delights in fermenting ethnic and sectarian strife. This is what makes him dumb!
Events of last few days in Paris, France have left the whole world with a sour test in the mouth. How can people going about their businesses, having fan in a theater all of a sudden become victims of fools brandishing AK47 gun power! It should have taken a handful of air-heads to commit such a heinous act.article-2767661-2199D51800000578-631_964x965
Anybody who took part in this terrorist act is worse than an uneducated street urchin fighting for a meatball the streets. But here was a terrorist in his element; displaying unrivaled dumbness, killing and maiming with gun in one hand, and a Kalashnikov in the other.
One wonders what goes on in the mind of a terrorist. As they say, some people use the skulls as helmets.
Today Islam, a religion whose Prophet (SAW) preached peace, tolerance, patience, acquiring of knowledge and stressed human values, has been misrepresented by the terrorist – who is so thick he does not know what he is fighting for.
Even with this dumbness, the terrorist has infiltrated security agencies and taken advantage of a few corrupt elements to maim, torture and murder!
I have chosen to refer to terrorists as a person because they are collectively a ’person’ who is devoid of humanity. They think and act the same; whether they are ISIS, Al-Shabab or Algaeda! They have no agenda in the world, for why and how can a right thinking person make death a career? Even the most primitive of animals does’t kill its species then commit suicide!sikh
It is high time the terrorist was exposed for what he really is: The dumbest person in the world.

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