World’s dumbest girl

To find the World’s Dumbest Girl, one needn’t look further than right in front of his or her face… at their phone. Yes, dumb girls, are running rampant in cyber space on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and now streaming live on Periscope. There are so many of these girls out there, that it’s impossible to single out one as the World’s Dumbest Girl. It is possible, however, to figure out which girls share this title. If you come across a girl who meets any of the five following criteria you may be dealing with one of the world’s dumbest girls.kimtylor_helps_dog_shelter
1. She posts selfies at least three times a day and at least was taken while driving!2. She prefers the “duck face” pout to a smile. 3. Most of her tweets or comments contain one or more abbreviations (i.e. LMAO, SMH, and the most telling, YOLO).4. She doesn’t know the difference between There, Their, and They’re. 5. She doesn’t turn off location tags on her phone so every time she posts a selfie, the world knows exactly where she is. maxresdefault (3)She probably has at least one stalker, but is too dumb to know it. 6. None of her posts relate to current events outside of fashion or entertainment. She can tell you who’s sleeping with who in hollywood, but wouldn’t know Malala Yousafzai from Malia Obama. 7. She puts it all out there. Lots of visible cleavage + too many ass shots = a dumb girl. 8. She frequently shares links to articles from satirical news sources – only she thinks they are real. “OMG you guys! Did you know that entrails are really the government’s way to dispense mind controlling drugs to everyone.” maxresdefault9. She is on a first name basis with all of the Kardashians, even though she doesn’t personally know any of them. Be on the look out for posts like, “Really praying for Chloe to stay strong!” 10. She uses the hashtag #basic. Ugh! Girls should be insulted to be called this. To embrace it is, just well, DUMB.
So now that you know how to spot them, what should you do about it? Help them out by unfollowing them or simply not “liking” their posts. The more positive feedback these girls get for the aforementioned behaviors, the dumber they’ll become. If you know a girl whose behavior matches all of the above, get her help ASAP. Start sending her real articles about current events, “I’ll pray for Chloe too, if you read this article about the hardships of Syrian refugees.” Comment when she posts or, is more likely tagged, in a photo looking natural.maxresdefault (1)
Send her inspirational quotes via Pinterest like, “Beauty starts in your head not in the mirror.” or “the less you reveal, the more people can wonder.” Use the word “smart” a lot when communicating with her. For example if she posts a picture of herself in a new sexy workout outfit, you could write, “I’ve heard working out is great for your brain too. maxresdefault (2)Smart is the new pretty!” The more she hears this the more she’ll think its trending, and if its trending she’s more likely to embrace it.

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