World’s deepest sea

The Caribbean sea , a stretch of the Atlantic ocean , is located in western hemisphere is known to be the world’s deepest sea . Its deepest point is seven thousand,six hundred and eighty six meters below sea level with an average depth of two thousand ,two hundred meters. This point of the Caribbean sea is known as Cayman Trench/ Bartlett deep or Bartlett trough positioned between the cayman island and Jamaica. The relatively narrow Cayman trench is the world’s deepest sea vent with small spreading ridge on its floor.


The Cayman ridge separate the trough from the Yucatan Basin on the north. The world’s deepest sea covers an area of approximately two million, seven hundred and fifty square kilometers. The sea is a saline water body with average temperatures of twenty seven degrees Celsius and thus has significant traits of biodiversity of marine fishes , rimming mangrove system and marine mammals.Its due to this chemical condition that the world’s deepest sea has a large area of coral reef( world’s second biggest reef barrier known as mesoamerican barrier reef) and sea grass pastures, unfortunately several of the biological diverse habitats have been largely destroyed by industry development .tourism and overpopulation. World’s deepest sea produces an approximated annual catch of about five hundred and fifty thousands tons of fisheries.Caribbean_general_map Due to plenty of sunshine, as the tropical temperatures are cooled by famous trade winds, the world’s deepest sea is a popular place for tourism. Salinity is high during the earlier part of the year i.e January to may and lower during the late part the year( June to December). The worlds deepest sea was discovered by a British scientist known as Dr Jon Conelly. Below the wide spreading of the sea, the scientist discovered world’s most extreme deep- sea volcanic vents more than three miles below the ocean surface with undersea hot springs that were jetting streams of water, probably hotter than four hundred and fifty degree Celsius.AC3_Caribbean_Sea

World’s deepest sea is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico, greater Antilles to the north, Venezuela and Colombia to the south, central america and Mexico the west and the lesser Antilles to the east.World’s nations boundary to the Caribbean sea are; united states, Venezuela, Jamaica, st Lucia, Bahamas, Coast Rica and Colombia. Its coast line has many bays and gulfs; gulf of gonave, gulf of Venezuela, gulf of para and gulf of darien.The complete area of the Caribbean sea inclusive of the many islands and coastlines are
collectively known as the Caribbean. It includes thirty five territories and states that border two interconnected water sheds.caribbean-sea-08

World’s deepest seas name “Caribbean sea ” was derived from the Caribs which refers to a dominant native American groups in the early time of the fifteenth century. After colonisation of the carribbean island by several western cultures, the world’s deepest sea become a busy area for European based marine trading and transport. Currently, the world’s deepest sea is home for twenty two islands territories and borders twelve continental countries.

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