World’s coolest man

Dear Friends as everybody is saying he is world’s cooled man but its every from person to person thoughts. As per my thinking Mohandas karamchand Gandhi ( M.K.Gandhi or Bapu) is world’s coolest man. What is world’s coolest man who did many thing without any benefits or do work for others. he born in Gujarat in merchant family on second October 1869.when he was gone to south Africa for study that time he faced problem in train because he is black color and many other problem faced about civil right for Indian person which are generally faced by others.Then he fill to do something.first he ran movement of civil right indian in south africa against British governments and he win to fight .mohandas-karamchand-gandhi-2 He came to India started movement against British government for freedom .previously he wear coat and paint but when he take round of country he fill that he don’t have rights to wear complete cloths.then he leave to wear that and started traditional Indian dhoti only .this is first sign of world’s coolest man . he fill and think every matter by heart. second symbol of world’s coolest man was he done dandi yatra .this movement was done to reduce huge taxes on salt . salt is basic needs for food cooling of every person people are facing many problem such as due to high price common man was unable to buy iodides salt and he use UN-iodides salt for cooking.Mahatma-GandhiDue to this they going face many health problem, then people reached to Gandhi ji please do something . without thinking legal action taken by British government against him he did this yatra. by this incident we imagine that up to what extent he think to ordinary person. This incident also showing us why is world’s coolest man. After complete round of India he decided to make one unique movement to free India from British government .

Gandhi portrait ** NB 159024 **

That time most of people from many Indian state’s people like and love him because his nature and work for Indian people’s. Then he given one massage to all that we fight against British government by non-violence way .this was the ideal and biggest massage followed by core of person’s . He teach everybody don’t fight with each other that give you a pain at the end . He suggest if one person if slap you on u r one side of face( cheek ) then give hem other side . if you fight with him or her then this will lead to create big problem . similarly if u keep it calm to you then other person who fight with you fill shame and he will respect about you in his heart. Finally people follow non-violence against British government in mass scale by all
way some time non-cooperation to British Government : leaving their the item or daily need item’s ; cloth’s etc. Lastly India got Independence on 15 august 1948 in mid night. Friend Because him understand the Importance & Benefits of non-violence.these three ideal example shows us why M.K.Gandhi is world’s coolest man.114891-004-4D476D4F Their are lots of many more incident such as even he was big leader in National congress party in india ;after independence he given Priminister seat to Chacha Nehru ) he think and do all things for other not for him self. He was really hero of every indian forever.

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