World’s coolest game

No matter if youТre playing on Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox, Android or even on your computer, we all want to know the best possible games to play. No one likes paying for games thatТs not interested or fun. So, this is why these games are so popular. This is because they are the top 5 coolest games, ever.

1. Minecraftminecraft-02

Minecraft is just the number one game to play. No matter if youТre playing it on your computer, Xbox or even on an Android device.
Minecraft is a building and surviving game, where your imagination can take over. You need to build your own home, fight off enemies and kill animals for food. One of the reasons why this game is the number one game on the market at the moment, is because this is a simple game to play. You donТt need to have some skills to be able to understand this game. And, no matter if youТre 10 years old or 35 years old, you will just enjoy every minute of playing.

2. Super Mario Galaxy 2SI_Wii_SuperMarioGalaxy2

Who doesnТt like playing Super Mario games? Super Mario came a long way, and thereТs different types of games for Super Mario. But, one of the best games ever, is the Super Mario Galaxy 2 that you can play on Wii.
This game has different features and different levels that will make every minute fun. Everyone that has a Wii console must just try this game. ThereТs isnТt another Super Mario version game that comes near Super Mario Galaxy 2.

3. Grand Theft Auto 537480

The number three game of all times should be Grand Theft Auto 5. This is also a game that you can play on more than one console. From Xbox to your computer.
If you love action games and racing games, this is the game for you. Grand Theft Auto 5 is a mixture of both, action and racing. The graphics are outstanding. The producers made sure that with this game, they include all the best of the previous versions, with some new twists. If you love playing the older versions of Grand Theft Auto, you definitely will enjoy this version.

4. Far Cry 320a555a4fdf2ecc3cb784c7dc0ae99b4

Far Cry 3 is one of the older types of games, but thatТs most definitely one of the top 5 coolest games ever. This game was released in 2012. With this game, you will experience hunting, drama, comedy and the occasional bit of dubstep.
Far Cry 3 is just enjoyable and you can play this game for hours on end, without getting bored. If youТre not into racing games and fighting games, then this might be the game for you.

5. Age of empire II

Age of Empire was released in 1999, and is known as the best war game of its time. Age of Empire II was mostly for PC games, but there was some other consoles where you could have played the game on, also.
The one great thing about this game, was that you could play a two player game, where you fight against each other and making sure that no one can get access to your УempireФ.
No matter how many new games shows up on the market, there will always be some games that will never be beaten. Minecraft, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Grand theft auto 5, Far Cry 3 and Age of Empire II are the top 5 coolest games that you will ever find.

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