World’s coldest country

Top Five Coldest Countries in the World.
Extreme cold conditions might be as a result of harsh winter conditions, high elevations of land in relations to the sea or the positioning of a country on the global map. Most of the coldest countries are often countries that are located near the North and South Poles. Due to the sun movement north and south of the equator as the year progresses, some countries on Earth hardly sees any sun for many month. This often leads to unbearable cold conditions.
Below is a list of top five coldest countries on the planet.
1. Antarctica.maxresdefault (4)
Even though Antarctica is basically a continent and not a country, it is at the top of the coldest places on Earth. . Being at the bottom most part of the planet means that the sun doesn’t shine a lot on this massive continent. During winter that comes between February and August, the sun sets for four months. During these times the temperature goes as low as minus 90 degrees Celsius. This cold temperature might be the explanation why there is a small population of about 5000 people in summer and less than 700 in winter. The land also remains mostly unexplored and inhabited.
2photo_4 (1). Greenland.
Just like Antarctica, Greenland is positioned near the pole but this time the North Pole. It is because of this reason that this biggest island country is on top of our list. Most part of this country is inhabited and is covered in a thick sheet of ice. During winter that comes between the month of November and April the country experiences darkness most of the time. On annual temperature average is 7 degrees Celsius below zero. At the extreme temperature might go as low as minus 85 degree Celsius.
3. Iceland.
Just like the name suggest, most of this European country is covered by a thick sheet of snow. Although it has been described as what the earth looked like in its inception stage due to its massive active volcanoes, most parts are simply too cold to be inhabited. In summer most of the land is still covered by ice since the sun
is of low intensity and unable to melt the ice. On the extreme the temperatures can go as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius.
4. russiaRussia.
Russia is one of the largest countries in the world in terms of land mass. It stretches mostly along the North Pole. This fact makes it one of the coldest places on Earth. However, some parts of the country bordering Turkey on the south part enjoys some fairy warm summers. At one time during the world war two, German soldiers in Russia were frozen to death and their guns wouldn’t even fire due to these extreme temperatures. At one time a record of minus 95 degrees below zero Fahrenheit was recorded in Russia.
5. lp-visitCanada.
This list wouldn’t be complete without Canada. It positioning on the global map makes it one of the coldest places ever. Canada is also one of the most mountainous places and these mountains are covered in forest. These three conditions combined makes temperature to go as low as 64 degrees Celsius below zero during winter. However, Canada experiences some warm summer in some southern parts in the months between June and September.
Human beings are noble creatures because they adapt. In some parts of the world cold is a way of life.

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