World’s coldest city

Our planet has various types of climate; some of the places have moderate climate, and some experience extreme climate; making it difficult for human habitat to exist. When you talk about world’s coldest city it is difficult to give accurate names as there are various parameters to measure the same. You can measure the coldest city by taking the record lowest temperature or average temperature over the years; however, irrespective of the way you measure you will get a similar list of the world’s coldest city. Here we provide you top 5 coldest cities of the world.

1.Yukon_River_at_Whitehorse_-b Snag, Yukon CanadaSnag is one city in Canada where no human habitat is found. The city had recorded its lowest temperature of -62 degrees Celsius on 3rd February 1947. At this time there were very few people living in this small city who were dealing in fur. The city had its own air strip as well; however, post 3rd February 1947 everything was shut and no human habitat is found here. Even today, the average temperature of this city ranges from -12 degrees Celsius to 1 degree Celsius with January being the coldest with the temperature of -32 degree Celsius.

2.55dff6e5726fb Prospect Creek, Alaska Prospect creek was once a home to various construction workers who were involved in building the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline system. This was in years from 1974 – 1977; however, post that the city started touching the record lows and hence became impossible for people to live in. The lowest temperature recorded here was about -62 degrees Celsius which was way back in 1970’s. Today, the average temperature here is recorded somewhere near -4 degrees Celsius. Yes no doubts summers are warm here making a habitat for bears and bald eagles; however, it snows from October to April. You should be shocked to see snow of about 24 inches in the months of February and March.

3.  P1040854bRogers Park, Montana USA Rogers Park is located about 5600 mt above the sea level in Continental Divide park Montana. This city enjoys a warm summer with the average temperature of about 25 Degrees Celsius and hence attracts tourists as well. However, the winters are extreme here. The winter temperature especially in the months of January can go as low as -10 degrees Celsius. The highest winter temperature recorded till date is 1 degree Celsius. In 1954 the place recorded the lowest temperature of -56 degrees Celsius making it
the most coldest day till date.

4.Mountains_behind_Stanley,_Idaho_with_a_car_hauling_tail_kicking_up_dustStanley, Idaho, USA This small city of population of not more than hundred people falls in the list of world’s coldest city. The winters here record a minimum temperature of -47 Degrees Celsius to a maximum of -18 Degrees Celsius. In the warm month of July you can experience the climate with about a temperature of 26 degrees Celsius to around 36 degrees.

5.Oymyakon_forests Oymyakon, RussiaLast but not the least we have Oymyakon in Russia in our list. This town has recorded lowest temperature of -67 Degree Celsius in 1933 (lowest for a place with human habitat). The average temperature here in the winter months is about -45 and the summer temperature is as high as 14 degrees. Day lasts for only 3 hours in December whereas in July you will have a 21 hour day. So you can plan your holiday in July here.

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