World’s cleanest water

Water makes up so much of our world. The human body alone is made of 70% water. As time passes it is becoming harder for us to find clean, pure water. The most common form of clean water is bottled water, but the prices will only increase with time. The cleanest water know is found in a tiny village in Canada. The village is near Toronto and it contains less lead that the cleanest ice layers in the Arctic. The wells there are named spring water township and the locals do not even realize how clean the water is there. A local environmentalist has know about these wells and started testing the water there around 20 years ago. His name is William Skotyk and he has built two other wells made with stainless steel and polyethylene to ensure the water produced has the highest purity possible. The layers of the Arctic this water is compared to are 5,000 to 8,0000 years old. 2015-03-13-1426258880-2858316-ClearestWater_5This means these layers are very pure because they have not seen any of today’s environmental pollution. At first William thought thus water was ancient, but after testing the water he found out it is only about 50 years old. The elevation along with the rainwater in Toronto keeps these springs flowing from the wells William has created. The region where these springs are located is a low level region in Toronto. This region is made up of fine-grained sediment which are composed of thick clay layers. This helps protect these springs from contamination. The soil in this region contains traces of iron oxide, aluminum oxide and manganese oxide. These chemically reactive soils act like a sponge soaking up any contamination from the soil and keep the water clean. There is also organic matter from plant growth and bacteria that cling on to toxic metals and prevent them from contaminating the water. Often this matter is produced from tree roots which attached to the water and keeps impurities from contaminating the water.maxresdefault (1)

Since it is hard to travel to Canada to find clean water, there are other ways to have clean water from any location. The easiest way to add water to your diet without actually buying water is through water-rich foods.Some of these foods are watermelon, cucumber, lettuce, celery, tomatoes, grapes and oranges. These foods will be in most groceries stores and are easy to add to your diet. This extra water intake will be easy and inexpensive. Most of our water is polluted, which means the majority of our water supply is distilled water. maxresdefaultWater is distilled by hot temperatures to kill bacteria and then cooled back to room temperature which returns the water back to liquid form. Distilled water is the purest form you can drink but it can also be expensive to buy since it will often come in bottles. You can buy a distiller for your home which might be a better option if you are looking to save money. The best way to drink distilled water is from a glass bottle. Glass is a better option that plastic because plastic bottles can often contain other materials that the plastic is made from. This could give the water a “plastic” taste. ukgxSAnother water option is spring water. Spring water is found in creeks, rivers, oceans and streams. The water on the top of these bodies of water is called “surface water” and the water that sinks to the bottom is called “ground water”. The ground water goes through purification as it travels through the many layers of dirt, sand and rock. When it returns to the surface, it is purified and in good drinking condition.

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