World’s cameras

If You want to know about good quality cameras by spending just a 10 minutes. Then, this is the place where you can know about them.Here we are going to discuss about salient features .clarity and few more technical terms .starting from the 10thSLT-A99
This camera sony alpha a99 takes a picture with a clarity as high as 24.3 megapixels or simply 24.3MP.The new CMOS censor have been developed by sony especially for this model.This model A99 is not of normal optical kind, in fact, this is more interesting with a electronic view type with a
resolution of as high as 2.4 million dots .this costs 3300 US DollarsCanon_EOS_5D_Mark_III
This camera Canon EOS 5D mark III takes a picture with a clarity as high as 22.9 megapixels .this is provided with a CMOS has appreciable ISO range which Ranges from about 100 it can range to about 25600 and is further more expandable upto a whooping 102,400 !! It has got very good image quality which costs around 3900 US Dollars
8) NIKON D4D3S_8053-1200
This camera D4 is accepted as one of the fastest cameras among the professional ones which can be aptly used for games .movies and sportive games.this has a low ISO Range compared to canon and it has low picture clarity as well which are from 100 -12800 and 16.2 MRBut, its speed and accuracy made it stand high.The price of this camera is about 6000 US dollars.
7) PENTAX 645Doriginal
This camera PENTAX 645D has a picture clarity of 40 MP .its ISO range is from 100-1600.nice high clarity pictures can be taken .Its price is about 10000 US dollarsfrontview
This camera CANON EOS 1D has a picture clarity of 10 MP .its ISO range is from 100-3200 however it is expandable from 50-6400.nice high clarity pictures can be taken .its resolution is about 3888 by 2592!! Its cost is 12000 US Dollars.Screen-Shot-2012-12-09-at-11.27.06-AM
This camera is suitable for professional photographers who engage with both outdoor and indoor photography its picture clarity is as high as 37.4 MP.This has got a water resistant battery too.If it is about clear and neat outdoor photography then say yes to LEICA .it costs around 30000 US Dollars.
This camera is meant and designed for the purpose of a 360 degree view or simply panaroma. It gives us a panaromic view with high clarity within 10 seconds. It can be better used by the cops. It costs around 40000 US Dollars
3) PHASE ONE P65P1 645DF lens
This camera is with full frame sensor It can caDture hiah aualitv imaaes of 15MP with an ISO of 3200 .Its

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