World’s biggest woman

The real constitution of beauty is a matter of considerable debate. On the one hand, some men swear by physical appearance, whereas others claim that inner beauty is what really matters. But the truth is that the world ascribes female splendor to being slender. And so, where do we put other women who are on the plus side? You may have heard about Mayra Rosales. She used to be the world’s biggest woman, although at present she’s shed off most of her weight. But the amazing thing is that she still had a husband during her big days. It seems there are men who are crazy about big women. And so, let’s look at some of the advantages the husband enjoyed when he was married to the world’s biggest woman.mayra-rosales-pesaba-1175-libras-y-no-creeras-como-se-ve-actualmente-www.exolas-8

A Pleasant Personality; Well, lumping together all pretty women as conceited beings might be a stereotype. But still, most of the women who have a slender figure, and consider themselves pretty, are not famous for their pleasant attitudes. Therefore, a plus sized woman is bound to highlight her other favorable qualities in order to be desired. And for this reason, the husband to the world’s biggest woman must have really enjoyed her pleasant qualities. And as you might be aware, the success of marriage is influenced by how couples think greatly of each other. Being intimate with a big woman may be different than being intimate with a slim woman. But in the long run, marriage does go beyond intimacy.mayra-rosales-shocking-transformation-5

Liberty in Food Choices; Mayra Rosales hadn’t become the world’s biggest woman through a flick of switch. It is highly likely that she loved food. A lot of women who have flat stomachs might shock you with their strict diets; they have to guard their mouths against trouble foods. And you can imagine the frustration their spouses go through about food politics. However, Mayra’s husband knew that his wife would allow as many food types as he’d like. This gave him the freedom to explore an assortment of culinary delights without worrying of the effect on his waistline.2628424C00000578-2972517-image-a-51_1425065376561

Security; husbands are tasked with looking after their wives. But you might find yourself in a knotty situation and be unable to protect yourself, let alone your wife. Well, as for the guy who was married to the world’s biggest woman, that needed not be a problem, because with her massive hands, she’d pick up an enemy and bump them headfirst into the floor, or toss them aside like a rag doll. Yet, she’d be unafraid of anybody, since her fat reserve would absorb hits. It might seem unfair to view her along this line, but the fact is that today’s world is not safe, and there are so many heartless people walking the streets that need to be taught a lesson.img_8383

Intimacy; researchers have consistently shown that plus size women are more intimate with their spouses compared to slim women. For a guy who was married to the world’s biggest woman, we expect a higher scale of intimacy. And truly, intimacy builds up the fire of marriage, except sadly their marriage ended up on the rocks.

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