World’s biggest white shark

it’s not always about the size. Great white sharks may not be one of the largest animals on earth, but they are deffinetly one of the scariest. And scary somehow beats big. But what are we affraid of exactly?White death, white pointer or simply whites are one of the oldesst and most adaptable creatures on Earth. Acording to some records they can reach the length of 26ft, even though 21ft is the longest white shark officially. Their life span is 70 years, almost himan like. That is partly because they have no natural predator, except for the killer whale.Whites are coastal creatures in most of major oceans , and that is the scary part. We are afraid they are only waithing for us. But are they?Actualy no, humans are not their favorite food. Seals are. Heard of test biting? That is what they do. They see something swimming around and they’ll bute simply to check what it is. And we just don’t have enough bones in our body to be a seal. In fact most sharks will just swim by a human. It is shown that atacks happen only when we look enough seal-like. And they will retreat once they realize we are not that interesting.Still this creatures have been putting dread in our not-seal bones for a long time. They have inspired numerous people to track them, to photograph and observe them. And because of them, today white shark comunity has celebrities of their own. Some of the whites haave made the name for themselves.

1.great-white-shark-guadalupe-amanda Deep Blue is one of the new ones. Well, the footage of her is new, even if she is around 50 years old. The footage was taken by a diver near the coast of guadalupe island. What makes Deep Blue so special? Her size. She is reportedly 20ft long and has unusual shape. Experts say she may be pregnant.

2 . shark_00463b5b1c743f7a5622ce4cccdc06d6.nbcnews-fp-1200-800Katherine the Shark is a 2300 pound white shark found at the coast of Florida. What makes her famous? She has a Twitter acount.

3. Great White Sharks in South AfricaMystery is another one of whites from Guadalupe. With her 18ft she is one enormous female. One of the largest obseved sharks. She is incredibly peacfull and had never show signs of agression. Divers are sometimes swimming with her withouth the cage.

4. Apache is an 18ft male, which makes him one of the longest male white sharks ever. He was cought and released after tagging in 2009. The crew said he already had scar marks and gave them hell of a fight .

5.Great White Shark Opening Mouth Shredder the Great White. Probably the most famous, most observed and photographed white shark in the world. He might not be as huge as some of the others, with only 14 ft, but his name should go e you some clues. He has shreded dorsal fin, but no. That is not why he is called Shredder. Biting through one of the ancor lines on the crew’s boat and shredding it completly is how he earned the name and a Facebook acount. Sharks today are followed and observed out of curiosity. We still don’t know so much about them. Their swimming paths and mating rituals are in the process of being discovered right now. Still, humans are still fascinated by those great white teeth more than by anything else.

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