World’s biggest wave

Waves which occur in water bodies bring pleasure to our eyes if they have limited extent of length but if they become so high that they start creating havoc and destruction of human beings, animals and plant life,waves are not at all a matter of pleasure. While considering the world’s biggest wave is recorded that an earthquake which is followed by a landslide in the year of 1958 at the state of Alaska generated almost a wave of 100 feet height.This is also recorded as the widest tsunami ever in the history.6a00d8341bf67c53ef015436bed476970c-800wiWhile the occurrence of this heavy giant destroyed trees almost 1700 feet away.The record of deaths was documented as five and also a minimum amount of animal damage also because there were very few towns and cities nearby the sea.During this heavy havoc,millions and millions of trees were washed away. This world’s biggest wave had happened on the night of that year 1959 in the month of July 9.This wave wiped away many vegetation lands and soil from the sea shore to many miles away.This havoc had started its destruction in the form of enraged and the nature has shown all its anger all along the areas around Alaska state and that particular place is the bay of Lituya.The rocks started falling from a high elevation of approximately 3000 feet.The drastic power of this wave is such that it separated the bay area from the entire state.surfing-hawaii-2_1802735iThis brought a bulk shiver among the coastal people existing surrounding that area. Normally the waves at the sea has an energy to rise an average height of 10 feet but the rise in the power of the waves in the sea tended to generate huge havoc around the coastal areas.Along with the Alaska’s world’s biggest wave,there were few more big waves in the history which brought major impact in the life of people,animals and plants.some of them are described as follows: —> On the very new year day of 1995,in the area of Norway state,there was a huge and giant wave occurrence which was 84 feet.The impinge of waves was all of a sudden and was not expected even by the scientists.After the occurrence it was explained that this heavy and wild monster waves was as a result of meeting of two or more waves which were then aligned that the part crest in them mixed and generated an another new crest all the way which was responsible for the blunder. —>ln Portugal during the year 2011,another largest wave of around 78 feet was happened to occur. —>A Decade from now was a bad historical moment in the Indian ocean that produced wild and cruel waves moving at the
from now was a bad historical moment in the Indian ocean that produced wild and cruel waves moving at the speed of approximately 500 miles in an hour itself.Two million people ended their lives because of this heavy waves,making it as a horrible wave known. Not only these places but there were other areas of China and Hawaii that experienced this wave effects and had a great impact on the people’s lives that left them with many bad moments.mcnamarawaveheight

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