World’s biggest state

If we look at the globe, we will see there seven continents of land spread over the flat Earth, the continent of Australia and the continent of Asia, Africa, Europe and North America and South America continent and the continent of Antarctica and the Arctic.thumb-350-268430

And as a result of wars, conflicts and political divisions, every continent includes a number of states, and each state located on a particular flat from the continent, and includes a number of the population and the population is different in terms of language, race and other. But what is the world’s biggest state, the largest country in the world? and how many residents of the world’s biggest state? and how much is the total area of the world’s biggest state?

Russia is the largest country in the world, it covers an area of the equivalent of about seven and ten million and ninety eight thousand square kilometers (17,098,242 Km), that means 11,5% of the flat Earth The capital of Russia is Moscow, band the Russia’s population is one hundred and forty-five million people (145 Million). Russia is situated in the north of the continent of Asia and Eastern Europe which in the north of the globe between longitude sixty degrees (60A) and line a hundred degree (100A). Viewing its limits, Russia shares it’s geographical boundary with fourteen countries; the Ukraine, Poland, Norway, Mongolia, Lithuania, Latvia, North Korea, China, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Vnlunlda, Bella Russia, Estonia and Azerbaijan.Creative_Wallpaper_Wikileaks_Russia_026230_

The boundaries of Kazakhstan is considered as the longest shared border with Russia, estimated along its border with Kazakhstan six thousand and eight hundred and forty-six kilometers, and followed by China, its border with Russia is the equivalent of almost three thousand and six hundred and five kilometers.

Despite the size of Russia’s which is vast and large it does not look down on the waterways task, but it’s overlooking the three oceans where views from the north to the Arctic Ocean frozen, and overlooking the west on the Atlantic Ocean and overlooking from the east to the Pacific Ocean any marine borders are six and Thirty thousand square kilometers and involved in the maritime border also in the Sea of Okhotsk with Albaian and the Bering Strait to Alaska that follow America, Russia is characterized by cold climate throughout the year
And when talking about Russia do not forget that it was one of the Soviet Union that was dismantled to many states, and it’s considered as one of the superpower countries in the arms industry, especially nuclear weapons, and it forms a big military force, it is onr of the the five countries that have the right to VETO, that means the right on voting decisions “yes or no” in the Security Council.Russia-Wallpapers-18

The capital of Russia, located on the river of the same name , Moscow has a population of over 10 million inhabitants, is one of the largest city in the world and often considered one of the most expensive planet. The official date of its foundation is April 4, 1147 , when a contemporaneous document mentions a meeting in Moscow that day , between the prince and the prince of Suzdal Novgarod – Seversk.Russia-MBBS

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