world’s biggest stadium


If we were to measure the sizes of the stadiums and rank them according to the amount of space they cover, then getting the first and the last will be a big problem. That’s why in this article i will rank the stadiums based on the number of fans the stadiums can accommodate per sporting event. In this article, i will not focus on the racing courses just stadiums hosting non-machine games.

List of stadiums.

1. Rungrado 1st may stadium.faktiokoree-833x469

This is a multipurpose stadium found in North Korea, Payongyang city built in 1989. The stadium cover well over 200,000 square meter with its main pitch covering a floor space of 2.2m square feet. It has a sitting capacity of 150,000 seats per event.

If I was to rank the stadiums based on the area covered, this would be the 12th largest worldwide.

Being a multipurpose stadium, Rungrado 1st May Stadium hosts a number of other athletic events ranging from Olympic games and Mass Games.

2. Salt lake stadium.13

This is the second largest stadium based on attendance, with a record of over 130,000 spectators in a match that was hosted in 1997. Beside being the second largest arena in the world, this stadium is the largest in India, found in Kolkata city.

It covers an ares of 309,000 square meter.

The stadium is a multipurpose field hosting either football matches or other games, and cultural activities in India.

3. Camp Nou.campnou21-1024x444

This stadium is not only famous for being third in position for the largest stadiums. It is home to one of the biggest football champions, Barcelona FC.

The stadium is situated in Barcelona city of Spain. The stadium also holds other records for being the largest in Europe, and in Spain. It was built in 1957 and opened in September 1957 featuring a match between FC Barcelona and Warsaw players.

It currently has a carrying capacity of over 99,354 fans with a plan to expand this capacity to 150,000 fans in future.

4. Estadio Aztec.estadio-azteca-mexico

This is a Mexico based stadium located in suburban Santa Ursula in Mexico city. Its foundation was first started in 1961. It has the reputation of being the largest in Mexico with a capacity of 95,000 fans. It also being recognized as the first stadium to host two FIFA World Cup finals.

5. First National Bank Stadium.1-soccer-city

This is an African stadium found in south Africa found in Nasrec of Johannesburg. It has a carrying capacity of 84,490 people making it the biggest in South Africa. The stadium homes the Kaizer Chief FC and South Africa National Team. Other records held by the stadium includes the fact that it was the first place where Nelson Mandela delivered his speech after being released from prison in 1990.

These facts for ranking of these stadiums around the world are subject to change since some of them are still undergoing development and others are being improve. There is a an expected change in the members of this list to be replaced by other stadiums that have not been listed but are being improved. So stay posted for updates on the changes.

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