world’s biggest skyscraper

Man’s quest to compete and achieve must be on of the most insatiable attributes that human beings possess. Ever since the 1890 when the world’s tallest tower was constructed, mankind seems to be pushing the limits to bigger and greater heights with 15 more buildings being constructed to achieve the title of being the world’s biggest skyscraper. There is little to no comparison between the world building that once held the position of the world’s biggest skyscraper and the current tallest building ever constructed.Empire-State-Building-Manhattan-2560x1600-Wallpaper

In the 1900s some of the world’s biggest skyscraper held the titles for long periods of time such as the Empire State Building that held that position for almost half a decade that is 40 years when the World Trade Centre was constructed. However, since then new sky scrapers have been constructed and the current world’s biggest skyscraper is the Burj Dubai also known as Burj Khalifa located in Dubai City whose construction began in 2004. In 2009, the exterior was completed and the inauguration ceremony was held in 2010 when it was officially opened.burj

The Burj Khalifa stands at 828 Metres and is currently recorded as the tallest building in the world. The length of time it takes an elevator to travel from the bottom of the building to the top of the building has seen the building given the record of having the longest elevator duration in the world. It also has an outdoor observation area that is regarded as the highest. It has become the pride of Dubai the world over and is regarded as a typical symbol of the Emirates success.resize-img.php

Despite the Burj Khalifa being the world’s biggest skyscraper in current times, it seems as though it will not enjoy this glory for a long period as the ground breaking of the Kingdom Tower is already underway and it’s a known fact that the building is projected to be much bigger than the Burj Khalifa by 172 metres so that its height should be 1,000 metres. It’s also an interesting fact that the projected budget for the Kingdom Tower is lower than that used in the construction of Burj Khalifa. If the construction of the building takes the projected 5 years then the glory days of Burj Khalifa will be over by 2019.burj-khalifa-night-view-wallpaper-widescreen-desktopkingdom-tower-jeddah-saudi-arabia

One would wonder what the motivation is behind the construction of buildings that earn the award of being the world’s biggest skyscraper. Would it be urbanisation creating an influx of people into the cities thus reducing the availability of land for real estate or its investors cashing in on the ownership of sky scraping buildings that become the landmarks of the cities? These buildings will also become the wonders of the world as the tallest man made structures ever and its yet to be discovered whether humans will only gape at this creations or take them in stride and actually enjoy living in these structures as the new normal. The questions remains of where the determination to construct these massive structures emanates from but it’s a known fact that the competitive nature of man fuelled by their financial capability will see to it that more and more towering buildings are constructed. But before then the Burj Khalifa still remains as the most impressive and the world’s biggest skyscraper.

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