world’s biggest ships

You are certainly conversant with Titanic for its massive size and troubled first journey on the sea waters. Yet Titanic was but one of the many giant ships ever built by the world’s finest engineers. Below is a run-down of the top 10 world’s biggest ships ever built. You will be amazed by their sheer size and aesthetic built. Read on.
1. USS Theodore Roosevelttheodore-rosevelt

Weighing at 100,000-tonnes, the USS Theodore Roosevelt is one of the largest aircraft carries ever built. The ship is so big that it can’t sail into Portsmouth Harbour. For its sheer size, the career was constructed in modules where parts were assembled separately before being hoisted into their place. To put things into perspective, the carrier can carry a massive 90 aeroplanes, has two giant nuclear reactors, is as long as a 102-storey state building and basically covers acres of space in the seas. The ship, owned by US military, is definitely large.

2. Dockwise Vanguard.3D Dockwise Vanguard - Oil Rig 2

Is a semi-submersible ship and carries a massive load capacity of 117,000 metric tones. The ship is a massive 275 metres long and

70 metres wide which literally makes it a travelling mountain of sorts. Basically, the ship was designed to carry offshore oil and gas facilities to different destinations. For its sheer size and design aesthetics, the giant ship can also act as a dry dock as well as a carrier for other ships. Essentially, the ship has movable casings making it an engineering marvel of our time.
3. Tl-class supertanker46120200 MOL-to-Install-Ballast-Water-Treatment-System-on-VLCC
Are among the largest oil tankers that are still hauling oil in the seas. Was built in the 2002/3 years. The tankers are divided into Tl Europe, Tl Africa, Tl Asia and Tl Oceania. The tankers travel at 16.5 knots making them among the fastest of the larger sea giants. The upper parts of the tankers are made of materials that reflect away sunlight and inadvertently minimizes risk of explosions and leakage of gases.

4. Allure of the seas.22

The 17 deck mega cruise ship was launched in November of 2009 and is one of the largest cruise ships ever built. It has a length of 1188 feet and has a weight of 100,000 tonnes. The ship can host a massive 8000 passengers. Step inside and you’ll certainly find a whole different world. There are canopies of trees and ferns, humungous oasis, gardeners attending to shrubbery and even internet! Basically, Allure of the Sea claims a stake among the leading ships of our time.
5. The Knock Nevis ship2312241

The ship was 458m long essentially making it one of the longest ships ever built. It was launched as seawise giant before being renamed Knock Nevis following a series of reconstructions and change of ownership . It’s deck was so large that four soccer fields could be laid end to end. This means the superlative structure was longer than the height of Eiffel tower of Paris or even the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. The mega ship operated between 2004 and 2009 before being scrapped in 2010.

Parting shot.

As building technology continue to evolve and advance, we are certainly going to witness construction of massive ship structures in the near future. To this end though, the top 5 ships above are some of the greatest load-hauling sea structures ever built.

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