world’s biggest shark

What’s the deadliest animal you know? Sharks are the largest predators in the world . They generally rule the seas and oceans making them one of the deadliest predators in the world. Below are the world’s biggest sharks.

1. The Whale Shark

The Whale Shark
– This is the world’s biggest shark .It weighs 79,000 lbs which is approximately 75ft.
– Little known fact is that they are very friendly to humans and pose no threat. Divers have actually hitched rides on their fins.
– In Kenya, these sharks are called (Papa shillingi). The name comes from the myth that tries to give the origin of the shark’s spots . The myth states that God threw shillings upon the shark therefore giving it spots.

2. The Basking Shark

The Basking Shark
– This shark is the second largest shark in the world.
– It weighs 38,000 lbs which is approximately 40ft.
– It is quite hard to understand, but scientific research shows that these sharks are filter feeders and pose no threat to humans. They are actually curious about humans and have been termed as the favorite sharks for most divers.
– Why is it called the basking shark? During the summer , it feeds at the surface while during Winters, it migrates to deep waters.

3. The Great White Shark

The Great White Shark
– This is probably the most popular shark in the world.
– It weighs 5000lbs which is approximately 26.2ft .
– It has been termed as the apex predator because it is one of the most dangerous predators. It generally eats anything.
– A recent study shows that the Great White Shark has recorded the highest number of fatal attacks to humans.
– It can normally be found in the coastal waters near the surface. It takes about 15 years for the Great White Shark to reach maturity.
– The lifespan of this shark is about 70 years. It can therefore live as long as humans.
– Its main diet consists of seabirds and fish.

4. The Tiger Shark

The Tiger Shark
– This is the fourth largest shark in the world.
– Research shows that it weighs about 980 lbs which is approximately 20 to 25ft.
– The Tiger Shark poses a threat to humans and is actually quite dangerous.
– Recent studies show that this shark ranks second after the white shark when it comes to the number of attacks to humans.
– They are commonly found in canals, shallow reefs and harbors.
– Do they have any sacred significance? To some native Hawaiians, the Tiger Shark is believed to be sacred. The eyes of this shark are believed to see more than what is immediately above these sharks.

5. The Pacific Sleeper Shark

The Pacific Sleeper Shark
– Wrapping up our list is the Pacific Sleeper Shark.
– This shark weighs 800lbs which is approximately 23ft. The shark is commonly found in temperate waters and continental shelves.
– It doesn’t pose any danger to humans and their diet is mainly composed of the giant pacific octopus.
– In addition to their diet, they also feed on marine snails, Alaska pollock, hermit crabs, flounders, soles and shrimps.
– The Pacific Sleeper Shark has been spotted in the Alaskan water at depths of about 2 to 3m.
– The average mature size of this shark is believed to be about 3.65m which is approximately 12ft.

These are the top 5 world’s biggest shark .

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