World’s biggest population

The world’s population has been on a continuous rise thanks to the alarming and tremendous birth rates especially in third world countries coupled with improved maternal care that has reduced the mortality rate of infants even in the poorest countries. According to United Nations statistics, the world’s population stood at over 7 billion people as of June 2015. Of these, china has an estimated over 1 billion people making it the world’s populous nation followed by India and the United States of America.Chian_3

China is the second largest country in the world located in East Asia with its capital city Beijing being one of the most populated cities in the world. Despite its large land area, perhaps the most obvious question to ask would be why china has remained the most populated country in the world. Historically, earlier regimes advised for higher population growth rates with the belief that a huge population would have a positive influence on the economy and stability of the country as a whole. However, this population started straining the economy as a result of unequal job creation opportunities not to mention lack of proper governance that resulted in a majority of the Chinese population being poor. This led to a call for controlled birth rates from the population to stabilize the economy starting from the 1970’s and in as much as this measure has done well to control the population, china remains the most populated country in the

A big population has both been a blessing and curse to China as a nation. A lot of resources are used in lending services for the vast population but even then, the government has devised means to ensure that every citizen attains sufficient skills and education to propel them in life. The huge population has been well used in the agricultural sector more so in rice farming as well sea fishing. Special interest has also been taken in technology which has been made china one of the most technologically advanced countries boasting a host of global engineering companies that have provided employment opportunities for a good portion of the population. The vast population has ensured that the country has minimal labour problems and has been used positively to propel the economy forward making china the worlds largest trading power and
consequently the world’s largest economy in regard to the total purchasing power parity.chin

Currently, China is exporting its labour force to other parts of the world as well as funding international projects more so in developing countries most of which are undertaken by Chinese companies. China also seen as a friendly nation by many world countries has seen its citizens welcomed by other countries such as Britain and the United States of America where they continue to excel based on their technological prowess as well as forge marketing relationships between their host countries and their mother country china.China-Shanghai-from-Yangtze

According to United Nations predictions, despite the continuous strict population growth control measures that have been implemented in china, the country will continue being home to the world’s largest population in the near future with estimates up to 2020. China being the most populous country not only sets an example on how population growth rate control measures may be conducted but also proves the fact that a vast population may not necessarily lead to economic failure with proper governance and management.china1

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