world’s biggest pike

Although fishing for pike is popular throughout the world, according to the IGFA World Record book, the biggest pike in the world ever caught was in Europe. In the list below you will find highlighted the top 5 world’s biggest pike ever landed.
5. 12 Pound Pike Caught With 6 Pound Lurerecord-northern-pike-aaron-wiebe-1
One of the best places to fish for pike is in salt-waterr and that is where Christer Mattsson caught a 12 pounder. He had been casting in shallow water in the Baltic Sea, off the coast of Karlshamn. He was in his 12 ft aluminium boat trying his luck with a 6 pound lure and when all was quiet and calm, our of nowhere came the pike. It took the best part of an hour to reel the fish close enough to the boat that he could pull it on board and it is the only pike recorded by IGFA caught with a 6 pound lure.
4. 39 Pound PikeFRANCE northern pike of 39 pound doubs pikes esox northern big biggest ever world record us usa canada america europe giant 120 130 150 40 50 30 25 kg lb kilo kilos pound
Benny Pettersson was a Swedish angler who was just off the mark from landing a 40 pound pike when he caught one weighing 39 pounds and 14 ounces at Ousthammer on November 20th 1993. It took 10 short, but nonetheless tense minutes to pull the fish aboard his boat and secure a new world record for a 20 pound line.
3. 43 Pound Caught On 8 Pound Line The Swiss angler,223_shuka17-mi
Giacomo Pinotti did not let snowfall and horrifically cold temperatures stop him on a morning in December 1990. He had no idea that the 10th of that month would go down in angling history when he went to fish in Lake Maggiore. It was no surprise that it was possible to catch big pike where he was fishing because he was using a large and very live white fish for bait. Giacomo was working under thought that a bigger bait would surely mean a bigger fish would be caught. His gamble paid off when he landed a massive 43 pounder after battling for around one and half hours.
2. 47 Pound 4 Ounce Pike1
The second heaving and largest pike ever caught and record was landed by Ake Nilsson, a Swedish angler while he was casting off in the Lodde River. He was in a 12 ft row boat at the time and used all his expertise and skill to play with the fish until it was close enough to the boat to pull it on board. Although there has been
much debate over the legitimacy of the weight of the fish Milsson caught that day as the pictures do not show a fish that looks almost 50 pounds; when you consider the 31 inch girth and 51.5 inch length, there really can be no doubt.
1.55 Pound Pike – Largest Pike Ever Caughthuge-northern-pike-taltson-river
While there have been many die-hard, skilled anglers over the years who have tried in their millions to land a bigger fish, there has yet to be a bigger pike than the one caught by Lothar Louis on October 16th 1986. The interesting thing about the German angler’s record breaking catch is that when he set out on that morning his plan was to aim for roach and carp, not pike. However, he was an optimist and was in the habit of starting a day of fishing with 15 casts using his pike rod. One just the 3rd cast that morning, his optimism was given a mighty reward.
Lothar had something of a battle on his hands as he had to wrestle with the fish and due to its size, he couldn’t net it. So, rather than losing the catch of a lifetime, he pushed his hands inside the fish’s gill covers to pull it on to the boat. According to an interview with Lothar after catching the monstrous, 55 pound pike, he had no idea it had bitten deeply into his hands as he lifted it onto the bank because of the sheer excitement.

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