World’s biggest park

City parks is a great place to escape from everyday ruitine, take your dog out for a walk, enjoy the fresh air or have a lovely afternoon with a picnic. Probably every major city has such places. But which ones are the biggest? We are going to order the parks from by their size and educate you about the biggest out there.

5thMDL-4 placeNumber 5 in our list is Losiny Ostrov National park in Moscow, Russia. The total area is 11 621,36 hectares. It is happened to be the 3rd biggest forest in the city in the world. In this huge forest, you can expect to see wildlife – elks, mooses and other mammals. Park is filled with hiking paths and tables to stop and rest after exhausting walking tour. Every visitor leaves with a smile on their and their children faces. It happens to be one of the best places, in Moscow to spend a weekend as a family.

4th 7861117514_d7ffae69cd_bplacePedra branca state park is one of the Rio De Janeiro sightseeing celebrities. The total of 12 393.90 hectares is world’s biggest urban forest. It also happens to be one of the best parks for experienced hikers. One of the most famous hiking tours is 8,5 km path to Pico da Pedra Branca – highest point of the park and entire Rio De Janeiro city. This enormous space of rain forest clad mountains, is home for lots of animals.

One day is definitely not enough to spend here, many trip advisors, offers a week stay at this beutiful park instead.

3rdtrekking-table-mountain-national-park-cape-town-western-cape-south-africa-previously-known-as-peninsula-48695682 place Table mountain national park with 24 309.47 hectares takes honorable third place in our list. Also known as Cape Peninsula National park, takes place in Cape Town, South Africa. The park is named for a reason: in 1998 it was proclaimed as national park, to protect the natural environment of Table Mountain. Park offers huge variety of hiking paths, one even leads to the top of Table Mt. If you are lazy to walk these huge distances, there is an offer for you – you can take a cableway all the way to the top. It brings a lot of people from all around the world to see the this magnificient park.

2nd maxresdefaultplace Bosque de la primavera, also known as Fores of spring, takes 2nd place with 30 000.00 hectares, is located in Jalisco, Mexico. Park is known for it’s numerous hiking paths and mountain biking trails. Many visitors points out the thermal river, they are surprised how it always keeps the almost same temperature. A walk to the river is one hour long, but it is possible to rent horses for a fun walk to the river. Although, many visitors reviews about the park are not as stunning as the ones before, it is still second biggest urban park in the world.

1st1280px-Teresopolis-DedoDeus2 placeThe biggest urban park in the world is Serra da Cantareira in Sao Paulo, Brasil. It is a mountain range, in total of 64 800.00 hectares. Known for it’s walking trails and is popular with locals. In 1996 a plane crashed into these mountains, the crash is known around the world, becouse famous Brazilian band were “Mamonas Assassinas” in that plane, all band members died. The nature there is harsh, but that does not stop hikers from all around the world to come here and enjoy their time in contact with nature. If you are lucky, you can also see some exotic animals.

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