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When traveling to a new country or city for a vacation, Museums are some of the fascinating sites you should visit, and these should be priority in your to do list of activities if you at all love history. Visiting museums is not only educative, but it is also fascinating and fan to view arts, culture and human history. This being the case, here are the World’s Biggest Museums perhaps you never knew about.

1. England’s The British Museum


Located in London’s Bloomsbury area The British Museum is one of a kind, rating fifth in our collection of the world’s biggest museum. It is the largest and most definitely one of the best in Britain, with just about some more than eight million collections on display in archeology, art and culture. Historical jewels, pre-historic bones, Egyptian collections and much more of human history galleries can be found in the museum. One spectacular collection is the Rosetta stone with its carving dating as back as 196 B.C.

2. Russia’s State Hermitage

Russia. St.-Petersburg. The Hermitage (Winter Palace)

Located in St. Petersburg Russia, State Hermitage is considered the fourth largest and one of the oldest museums of all time in the world. The museum has the best of collections to do with culture and art, with millions of spectacular historical artifacts on display. The establishment was founded back in 1764 by Catherine the great one of the most spectacular attractions of modern day Russia. Some of the major attractions to view here include the black sea littoral, Eurasian treasure galleries, and the orient. From drawings, paintings and other collections including those of Nicholas II can be vied from this museum.

3. Athens’s The Acropolis Museum


If you heard of some bit of Greece’s history, then perhaps you’ve come across the term acropolis being mentioned somewhere. Claiming the number 3 spot in the list of the World’s Biggest Museum, there are a lot of archeological collections and historical art artifacts to learn in Acropolis Museum. Some major attraction in
the Athenian Museum includes the frieze of Parthenon, which has been described by many as one of the most fascinating scenic view in history.

4. Paris’s Le Louvre


Located in Paris, France, the Le Louvre is another fascinating historical establishment that once used to house the French Kings. It houses a wide range of historical collections, which add to the fame of the city of love. From the Egyptian rooms, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, to the Auguste’s medieval preservation, there is a lot to view in this Museum.

5. Smithsonian Institution

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Brief description of specific image from shoot

Last but not least in the list of the World’s Biggest Museums, we have the Smithsonian Institution, based in Washington D C, USA. This is renowned as the largest complex of museums with research stations such as the national zoo park and a number of galleries. In total, the complex houses about 19 museums with hundreds of millions of objects for display. There is word that you can never exhaust the items there are to view in lifetime, even if you took just a few seconds observing the objects in display daily. Some of the major attractions to expect in the World’s Biggest Museum include the first lady dresses, the gem hall, the Apollo 11 at the national Air and Space Museum, and the ruby red slippers of Lady Dorothy.

If this list were to go to top ten, other big museums would include Spain’s Prado Museum in Madrid, New York’s Metropolitan Museum in the US, The Vatican Museums in Italy, and Florence’s Uffizi Museum in Italy among others.

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