World’s biggest monument

We present you ten tallest monuments in the world. According to them, in the history people were obsessed with deities and politics. Most of the top ten monuments are deities. In the top ten statues are Buddha in various poses. Surprisingly, there are just one Catholic monument, and it isn’t most famous. Everyone probably thinks about Jesus over Rio de Janeiro, but it is not. It is his 28 years younger clone at the entrance to Lisbon.

Also surprisingly, in these deities are two Greek. Someone would think that it is somewhere in the Mediterranean, but it is not. It is on the other continent. The Roman god of fire – Vulcan – is the smallest of ten tallest monuments in the world. He is located in Birmingham, in Alabama, USA.

Twenty percent of tallest monuments are politicians like Chinese legends and Russian reformer Peter the Great.

Well, let’s start from the smallest.

10. Vulcan, Birminghamvulcan

This monument is five feet lower than 600 decimetres. He was created in 1904, and like we said he is located at the entrance to Birmingham. It is made of iron, and it is the biggest monument in USA.

9. Buddha, LeshianLeshan_Buddha_Statue_View

Buddha in Leshian, China, is 71 metres high, and it is the largest stone Buddha. It has emerged between 713 and 803 years.

8. Buddha, Jiangsubuddha-murals-statue-lingshan-bronze-his-disciple-kneeling-front-to-pary-wuxi-city-jiangsu-province-china-55855011

Again Buddha. This is almost the youngest monument. It was completed in 1996. It is 88 metres high and is
located in the south of the mountain Maji in Jiangsu Province.

7. Statue of LibertyStatue_of_Liberty_7

Proud lady stand on the Island of Liberty since 1886. It is sent by French. Statue is 93 metres high and it symbolize friendship between America and France. Roman goddes Libertas represents freedom from slavery and she has been sent for birthday to free America

6. Monument to Peter the Great

We are finally in Europe. Monument to Peter the Great is located in Moscow, and it is 93 metres high. Russian reformer took ballet pose and he travels to the west.

5. Mamayev Kurgansend_binary_mid

Russians again. Motherland is hundred and two metres high and it is the biggest socrealistic monument ever and anywhere. Lady is located in Volgograd.

4. Christ, PortugalChrist-the-king

It is for one metre higher than socrealistic lady. It is considered that is created on the model of the one in Rio.

3. Yun and Fluangdi

We are going back to Asia. Legend says that Yun and Fluangdi are the oldest ancestors of the Chinese nation. Monument is 106 metres high. Chinese from Taiwan, New York, Flong Kong, Geneva, London and Kaiser experience this couple like their forebears.

2. Goddes of eternal youth – Guanyin2bd79333757b34fc09c01f92c7224954
Goddes of eternal youth and compassion is monument which is 108 metres high. It is located in Sanya, in China’s Hainan Province. This lady is also politically charged. She symbolizes the unification of the motherland, Taiwan, Hong Kong…

1. Buddha, Japan

And finally, number one, greatest of greatest. A small country, small people – large complexes – the largest statue on the planet. The Japanese have the honor! World’s biggest monument is 120 metres high, and it was completed in 1995 in Oshikuru. Calm Buddha stand on ten metres high pedestal, on lotus flower. This sculpture represent eternal credit of good deeds in past lives. Well, everyone has the right to belive in whatever they want.

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