world’s biggest machines

For a long time human’s have been interested in making the biggest and the best – and this includes making the world’s biggest machines. In the following article, we will explore some of the greatest inventions made by man that have made it into the list some of the world’s biggest machines.

Have you ever heard of the world’s largest dump truck? This machine was built initially for one purpose: the purpose all dump trucks are made for! That is, moving Earth – and lots of it. This enormous 800,000 pound machine amazingly has 13,738 pounds of torque. To give you an idea of how much that is, it’s more than the power of seventeen heavy-duty pickup trucks COMBINED!! The truck is 67-feet in overall length and boasts 63” wheels, but surprisingly, it has a turning radius of only 65 feet. This machine is called the Belaz and is equipped with several handy but necessary features, such as an onboard system to check tire pressure, sound insulation, heating and air conditioning, and video surveillance. If you have an extra $3 million, this just might be a fun toy to play around with in your backyard!1-IMG_2907

The next machine that’s hitting the world’s biggest machines list is the largest remote controlled robot. This “toy” comes from Germany’s Zollner Elektronic AG and it took the group six years and fifteen people to pull off this feat. This so-called toy is enormous and really, really cool! It stands at 51 feet tall, it weighs 11 TONS and if that wasn’t impressive enough – it also breathes fire! If the situation or show calls for it, the developers have also set up this fire-breathing, remote-controlled dragon to bleed stage blood at the push of a button. Pretty impressive!kfler

Next on our list of the world’s biggest machines? The world’s largest motorcycle! This motorcycle was built by Fabio Reggiani from Italy. No more worrying about being cut off by large cars or trucks who aren’t watching their fellow motorists carefully! This bike is a whopping 16 feet 8 inches high and weighs 5.5 tons. The bike has the record of being the largest two-wheeled bike to ever travel 300 feet and even though this bike comes with training wheels – I’d have to say steering this gigantic machine would be a challenge in itself.grande-moto-001

How would you like to see the world’s largest vending machine?! Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is home to Berjaya Times Square, a gargantuan shopping mall. This shopping mall decided a unique way to celebrate their tenth
anniversary was to spend 6 months and 7 weeks planning and constructing the world’s largest vending machine, which is what put it on our list of the world’s biggest machines. This machine weighs over 7,000 pounds and measures around 15 feet 5 inches in height. Now, with any vending machine, you should be able to get the prizes inside, right?! You can in this vending machine as well. Tokens that cost about $15 each make the machine dispense gift certificates for awesome prizes such as spa packages, iPads, big-screen TVs, and passes to popular theme parks.1280px-Berjaya_Times_Square_theme_park

To finish out our short list of the world’s biggest machines, let’s talk about the world’s largest mechanical SPIDER! Liverpool shocked it’s citizens with a spider affectionately named La Princesse. It is such an incredible machine that it requires 12 people to operate and weighs 37 tons! During the initial display of this incredibly huge spider, her operators had her climb the side of a derelict building named the Concourse House, where her limbs touched 5 stores from one side to the other. As can be imagined, this 50 foot high arachnoid requires 16 cranes, 8 cherry pickers, and 250 crew members to move her from one location to another. If you’re afraid of spiders, this is definitely one to avoid!la-princess-liverpool-laba raksasa

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