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The world is a complex phenomenon, and so are people. Every aspects of an individual is unique, not to mention that nature endowed each and every one of us with peculiarity who dynamics is beyond the human comprehensions. Well, if your legs do not speak for you, most of know the basic doctrine of genetic makeup and fingerprints. Talking of legs, recent findings have it that the world’s biggest legs category of the Guinness Book of Records is getting more fans. People all around the globe want to contest for bragging rights in the world’s biggest legs category. The puzzling question, however, is what it takes to c be the world’s biggest legs category.

The World’s Largest Legs: The Biggest Legs

Well, let’s start with the lowest part of the leg, the feet, where Brahim Takioullah and Jeison Orlando Rodriguez Hernandez thrive. Brahim Takioullah is said to have appeared in the listing of men with the largest feet since 2011, and the situation is predicted to remain the same for, at least the foreseeable future. Apart from his title as the man with the biggest legs, Brahim is also the current second-tallest male alive.------3

Meanwhile, Jeison Orlando Rodriguez Hernandez, a 20-year old from Venezuela, claims to have the second largest feet on earth, and his shoes size (size 26) attests to it.HT_Largest_Feet_mm_150910

The World’s Biggest Legs: The Longest Legs But this argument should not be mistaken to mean that men dominate the world’s biggest legs arena. On the contrary, females such as the famous Svetlana Pankratova, have legs to show. Svetlana obtained her position in the Guinness Book of Records because of her long legs that measure approximately 51′, which is approximately 4.25 ft. But don’t get jealous of before the list is complete. I find it most pressing to note Alexandra Robertson, Lauren Williams, and Brooke Banker as females who have earned their iconic figures because of long legs. Second to Svetlana is Lauren Williams, whose legs measure astonishing 49″, and currently the second in the world’s biggest legs category. In addition to being to having the second longest legs in the world, William’s long legs are behind her success as a prolific basketball player.tallest_legs_22_by_giantor-d7s1cop

Meanwhile, Britain’s own model, Alexandra Robertson holds an both in the world’s biggest legs category and
globe’s tallest female realm. Apart from being 6 ft by height, Alexandra Robertson’s legs measure an amazing 47′. Alexandra Robertson hand noticed the potential of her legs to make her shine in Russia by 17 and was crowned Miss Blackpool by 18.maxresdefault

Fourth in the list is Brook Banker, a 26-year-old American beauty whose legs measure 47′. Apart from her iconic position in the world’s biggest legs category, Banker’s long legs give her an incredibly competitive height that has been behind her appearance in numerous American movies. She is said to have inherited her long legs from her parents who encouraged her to pursue her career in modeling. Although she majored in sports, mostly volleyball, for the better part of her early, Banker ultimately turned to modelling.

January 27th, 2014 - NEW YORK - PULSE -   Model Brooke Banker from the Monarch Agency (917-613-5539) shows off her long legs inside the Andaz located at 75 Wall Street. Hair: T. Cooper - Make up: Ysabel  Davila  (Astrid Stawiarz for The New York Post)

The World’s Biggest Legs: The Biggest Hips It wouldn’t be justice to conclude the list of the world’s biggest legs without the mentioning of Mikel Ruffinelli, Denise Soude, Marlena Plummer, and Claudia Floraunce who beat all women by the size of their hips. The four have a joined hip circumference of about 27 ft, which is about the length of a standard Double-Decker bus.bild

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