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LEGO, since its inception in 1932, has been the ultimate toy for its millions of fans ranging from infants to adults. While many clones have dotted the landscape since then, LEGO continues to be the greatest plaything for creative, aspirant builders hoping to stun due to its flexibility. Despite its apparent simplicity, true masters of the brick art have went on to extremes in creating absolutely amazing structures that wipe all preconceived notions about those little bricks. With that said, here are some of the world’s biggest Lego creations completely went beyond the medium. Enjoy!

10. Micro Mythicos Micropolislegolar-ile-yapilmis-devasa-yapitlar51

On Display at the Legoland in San Diego, this utterly magnificent piece has delighted countless visitors with its stunning attention to detail and impeccable positioning of characters. Made from mostly basic bricks, this structure paints a vivid scene of life in the mythical lands.

9. Kennedy Space CentreScreen-Shot-2015-08-28-at-8.03.57-AM-1024x618

The entire space centre, built on a smaller scale. The project occupies 1506 square feet and took over 2500

hours to complete! Whats even more impressive is the detailing, from the small digits imprinted on the platforms to the accurate reproduction of scaffolds. This certainly qualifies as one of the world’s biggest lego creations.

8. Church of Christfour-stunning-lego-projects-church1

The iconic church recreated entire in Lego bricks, and filled with Lego figurines. To have the patience to populate the seats one by one, and create the incredibly detailed windows is mind-blowing.

7. 2004 Volvo XC901modifiyeli_volvolar_swrfoi

A full size car, recreated on a 1:1 ratio! the headlights expended tens of thousands of the tiny circular pieces, and is shaped extremely close to the actual car. This is the world’s biggest lego vehicle.

6. Lego Table5590659969_21b454a2d0

A full sized, functional table made of nothing but lego bricks. Tetris in real life, anyone? Think about how cool it will be to use that table though.

5. Queen Mary 2lego-queen-mary-21340827317-4feb66b52a2fd

A full ship recreated in all its grandeur, with the sole medium of lego bricks, and complete with the ship’s construction crew. Just look at its size! Besides its scale, whats more amazing is the accurate contouring of the bow. This certainly qualifies as one of the best built, and world’s biggest Lego ships.

4. Ship MastLarge-font-b-Pirate-b-font-font-b-Ship-b-font-and-Raft-Building-Block-Toy

This is it: the world’s tallest tower of Lego bricks. With the help of visitors to a Legoland in California, 94.3 feet high pirate ship mast was constructed from a whopping 465,000 bricks. A treasure made of gold was placed on the tip to finish off the colossal tower.

3. The Millennial Celebration of the Eternal Choirmaxresdefault

One word: epic. This famous structure is the pinnacle of extreme detail and perseverance. I’d imagine the countless drops of sweat dripped onto this utterly insane structure prior to its completion. This is one of those pieces that you really hope to be the creator of.

2. Lego Pharaoh

Created by MDKGraphicsEngine - Licensed to LEGO System A/S

Created by MDKGraphicsEngine – Licensed to LEGO System A/S

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