World’s biggest globe

Our Planet is beautiful, and while we would all love to explore each and every corner, sometimes it just isn’t possible. We are content to look at pictures, and globes. If you want to get a good, detailed look at our planet, check out these, the world’s biggest globes:

Honorable Mention: Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusets has its own 28 foot diameter globe. It was built in 1955 and was able to rotate and even display the four seasons. It was not kept up well, and started to fall apart, being just a shadow of its former self. The students of Babson College, in a labor of love, organized a drive to collect money to restore their college landmark. The structure still stands today because of their efforts. Although it no longer rotates, it is still one of the world’s biggest globes worthy of visiting. Number 5:This giant globe used to display in public is made of steel, and up to 30 feet in diameter. While you cannot appreciate the beautiful colors that our planet displays, you can certainly see its form. It is available in a variety of finishes. If you are interested in a steel globe for your backyard, a 12 foot diameter version of the giant globe can amaze your friends and neighbors for only $37,000. For more information than check out

Number 4:Next on our list of the world’s biggest globes can be purchased from the same company as our number 5 globe, yet this 30-foot-diameter globe has NASA satellite imagery. You can see our earth’s vibrant colors and varied topography in all of its glory. One of these globes was actually used at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games dinner, it was hanging like a chandelier above the distinguished guests.

Number 3:Coronelli_globe_celesteThe Giant Earthball from is also 30-feet in diameter. This globe is inflatable and can be purchased or rented for your events. It can be mounted, or hung. You can use NASA satellite imagery with or without cloudforms, it can rotate or be stationary. There are a lot of options with this globe! It would certainly be an eye-catching center piece for your next event.

Number 2:Interactive-Globus Our next runner-up was actually a Guiness Book of World Record’s holder until 1999. It is the Mappamondo della Pace (Globe of Peace) located in Pesaro, in northern-central Italy. It took 6 years to build and weighs over 37 million pounds (17 tons). They used 1 ton of nails to complete the structure. It is no longer
the world’s biggest globe but it offers us another excellent excuse to visit Italy.

Number 1globus_book-shelf_hg: Here it is, the world’s biggest globe: The Eartha. It became the in 1999, winning the Guiness Book of World Record’s top spot, and pushing out the Марра mondo della pace to number two. It is the world’s largest revolving and rotating globe, and truly something to make your mouth drop in awe. It is 41.5 feet in diameter, and shows our beautiful planet as we would see it from space. If you would like to visit the world’s biggest globe then head down to Yarmouth, Maine at the DeLorme headquarters. You will not be disappointed.

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