World’s biggest fountain

The World Тs Biggest Fountain
Do you know where the worldТs biggest fountain is located?

The WorldТs biggest fountain is situated partially in the underground branch of Suntec City; one of the largest and most exclusive shopping malls in Singapore. The WorldТs biggest fountain was designed by the famous architectТs Tsao & McKown who are originally from Brooklyn, New York. Those who visit this fountain of fortune feel providential and blessed.stock-photo-singapore-nov-front-view-of-fountain-of-wealth-at-suntect-city-the-largest-fountain-337136087

This large fountain was first built in 1995 in the underground portion of a large shopping mall that has now become very famour and represents a symbol of wealth and success. Life, and the beauty of the moment embodies, is another theme represented by the unique fountain with a story.

The design of this concerted body of water, which at the same time is also resolute, is based on the strong unity and oneness of the human spirit that is found in all four of the individual races within Sunter City and beyond, was characterized within Singapore. The Hindu people call it a УMandalaФ. In a Mandala the extensive universe is represented, as well as the colorful heavens and cosmos.фонтан-богатства-47394865

The worldТs biggest fountain is extraordinary and has been built in solid bronze. It is sturdy and supported by four slanted columns which on their own represent the four races ever-present in that part of the world.

There is a circular ring around the worlds biggest fountain which is symbolic. This ring has a 66 meter circumference, while the entire fountain itself inhabits a space of 1638 meters.

The World’s Biggest Fountain represents excellence and good fortune. Perhaps that is why visitors can walk around the smaller fountain area when the fountain has been turned off; usually once a day, for a brief period of time. During their stroll, these tourists and visitors can pick a coin from the base of the fountain area which is supposed to bring them good luck.tsaosuntec2

In the evening the fountain organizers have prepared beautiful laser performances for those who wander around the World’s Biggest Fountain. The live shows and heard and the sweet songs are seen heard on a daily basis from the hub of the area where the shopping center is located.

Feng Shui and Gi experts believe that water; a symbol of the worldТs biggest fountain, portray life that flows inwardly and is a great representation of a life well lived, and of wealth and luck combined. So what do the terms УFeng ShuiФ and УGiФ mean?TM_SUNTEC_09_Photo-by-Theatreworks-1147x765

Gi is also felt throughout the structure of the fountain and is traditionally explained as the point of reference of a configuration and its direction, age and surrounding. Those who practice Gi, believe that the fountain and universe is bound by invisible forces that join humanity together into on single force.

The fountain today has a unique purpose as it also represents the harmony of the religions and races found throughout Singapore; a city with a tropical climate at the heart of Malaysia. This area is well known for its sandy beaches and natural rain-forestТs, and the Indo-European culture is distinctive and seen everywhere.

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