World’s biggest football stadium

Few things can match the feeling of comradeship induced when approaching your teams stadium on match day, wearing your teams colors and singing your heart out.

Except maybe approaching a bigger stadium.

Here are a list of the five biggest football ground from around the world.

5. 2e3oiypRose Bowl, Passedena. (92,524).

Although primarily an American Football stadium, few will deny the Rose Bowl’s pedigree as a football stadium. When the World Cup came to the states in 1994 it was the Rose Bowl that was picked to host the biggest game. And it did not dissapoint.

4. nelson-mandela-fnb-soccer-stadium-memorialFNB Stadium, Johannesburg. (94,736)

Known as soccer city, this stadium, first built in 1989, underwent a massive face lift in preparations for the 2010 World Cup. Unfortunately it seems that the vuvuzelas will be remembered long after the football, but that was certainly not the fault of this beautiful ground. Designed to reflect an African mosaic pot, the outside of the stadium was decorated with earthy colors and expertly lit, this stadium is easily one of the best looking going. It is home to the South African National Team as well as Kaiser Chiefs F.C.

3.estad Estadio Azteca, Mexico City. (98,500).

Home to professional team Club America, this stadium cemented it’s place into footballing history when it became the center piece of the 1970 and 1986 World Cups. It is in this stadium where Diego Maradona caused English fans heart break with his infamous “Hand-of-God”. The very same game as that wonder goal, where Maradona picked ran 60 yards, beat six English defenders single handed before putting the ball into the back of the net, a goal many consider to be among the best ever.

The 1986 World Cup final is regarded as the greatest final of all time. Camp Nou, Barcelona. (99,534).

Built in 1954 the Camp Nou is the biggest stadium in Europe. Partly due to the steep tiered stands, partly due to the majesty of the football played by it’s residents, F.C. Barcelona, it has grown to become one of the most
revered grounds in the world by fans, and one of the most intimidating places to play if you are on the opposition. The legacy of this ground is ever present, from the Hall of Fame and trophy room, to the daily tour groups taking it all in.

Beyond F.C. Barcelona the stadium has twice hosted the Champions League final, as well as concerts , rugby and even celebrated Mass with Pope John Paul II.

1.HVrL3Av Rungrado First of May Stadium, Pyongyang. (150,000)

You may be surprised to find that the worlds biggest football stadium is in North Korea, home to a national team that have only qualified for the finals of two major championships. Named after it’s location, Rungrado, and international workers day, this stadium is more than just a football stadium.

The stadium also has hosted world wrestling championships, parade to celebrating North Korea’s founding father, Kim ll-Sung and even a few public executions. But the stadium really comes alive during the Airang festival, where hundred’s of thousands participate contribute with artistry and gymnastics to visually tell the story of North Korea’s birth and history.

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