World’s biggest flower

Top 5 world’s largest flowers

Flowers are among some of the living things that have graced the landscape for millions of years. Thanks to their simple and yet evolutionary technique of tricking insects using scent and color, flowers have effectively defied the tests of Mother Nature. Currently, flowers top the list of the most diverse living things on earth. That’s not all. The massive flowers below are the perfect show of how far flowers have been able to push their endeavor for adaptation.

Rafflesi arnoldii

Rafflesia arnoldi is considered the world’s biggest flower. It tops this list because it produces the largest single bloom. Rafflesia arnoldi is native to Malaysia and the rainforest of Indonesia. It can bloom up to a diameter of three feet and weights over 24 pounds have been recorded. The flower is not only famous because of its size though. With a scent that parallels that of rotting meat, the flower has ever since earned it’s the name, “corpse flower”. This scent attracts flies for pollination. With its unusual habit of only growing on Tetrastigma vine’s tendrils, its habitat in extremely endangered.

Amorphophallus titanium

Despite the fact that this flower grows up to 10 feet in height, it is not considered as the largest flower in the world. The reason behind this is that it is not made of a single bloom like Rafflesia. On its stalk, there are hundreds of small buds. Its blooms are rare, both in captivity and the wild. The plant is Native to Indonesia. It is a very rare species but a number of gardens around the world are cultivating it. Apart from size titanium

and rafflesia compete on more thing. Just like Rafflesia, this flower attracts flies for pollination by its smell of rotting meat. The two flowers compete for the “corpse flower” nickname.

Corypha umbraculifera

This is the largest flowering plant in the world with branched inflorescence. It is known with the name “Talipot palm”. This name refers to how its mechanism of flowering. In addition to the being one of the largest flowers in the world, it is thought as the oldest living organism That is, it buds from tiny branches which are attached to the center stalk instead of budding flowers on a single stalk. Of all the flowering inflorescence plants, this is the largest. It grows to a length of over 25 feet.


The plants are massive. They bloom rarely; and the flowers are small. In Utah, a colony of a single tree of Pando covers 107 acres. It is postulated that the root system of these tree is over 80,000 years. From the single root system, over 47,000 stems of trees have ever since sprouted. In addition to the being one of the largest flowers in the world, it is thought as the oldest living organism.


Pando, despite its fame, it does not parallel the size of posidonia- a flowering plant found of the Australian coast and the Mediterranean. The flowering has a similarity with Pando though. Both the two flowering plants develop through clonal colonies. In 2006, one of such colonies was discovered in 2006. This colony spans over five miles and scientists estimate that it might be 100, years old.

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