World’s biggest eyes

Who owns the world’s biggest eyes? Well, that’s some interesting question. We could say that it is someone whose eyeballs are already popping out. But, that might be too much of a humor. Could it be someone whose eyes melt your existence into nothingness? It might be a stalker who wants to grab every possession you are bringing. It can be your countless admirers or your fan girls who badly seek for your attention. You might be the most popular guy in the house if that would happen. Popular guys unlikely give that entitlement, “the world’s biggest eyes”, to them. It is undeniably insulting, as part of the fandom, if you are to hear that you have the world’s biggest eyes. How about saying that they have some cute sparkling eyes? My, my, if my super pretty and witty princess will tell me that I have the world’s biggest eyes, I will take it as a compliment. Barely enough.

Whose eyes really can melt? Let’s try asking the Guinness Book of World Record. Oh goodness, it really does pop out. Kim Goodman who was renowned in November 2, 2007 of having the farthest eyeball pop. She really has the world’s biggest eyes for a human. Although, it says that she had that abnormality or protrusion, as what medical scientists likely use as a term, when she was hit on the head by a hockey mask. That is a terrifying incident. Somehow, I really presumed that she had that since birth. Nonetheless, I was proven wrong. You thought that it could be a form of genetic disorder, right? This protrusion or eyeball displacement was measured to be at about 12 mm long from the eye sockets. Those are in the same width with my thumbs!

Honestly, those are too short for this terrifying creature whose diameter of its eye is at about 11 inches. Actually, this is not in terms of bulkiness of the eye. I hardly imagine myself having that very wide span of my eye sockets. I cannot also bear to think of someone having that feature too. Although it would give benefits like seeing bigger horizons, it still sounds weird. Well, these are the eyes of a colossal squid that marine scientists caught in the northern coast of Antarctica. Talking about “colossal” makes me feel I’m about to hide into my shell. I’m not afraid, really, I am not. Aren’t you afraid also with its humongous eyes?

We are talking here about Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni. The largest squid ever recorded is really believable to be called as the “Animal having the World’s Biggest Eyes”. I tried to measure my basketball but it fits no larger than this monster’s eye. Kat Bolstad, Auckland University of Technology squid specialist, stated that it is the only intact eye that has ever been found. An animal’s eye that can melt is found within the vicinity of a frozen continent that is neither harmed nor damaged. I seem to think that this might be a powerful eye.
Mesonychoteuthis_Hamiltoni_Tentacules Colosal-squid-050

We now have known the current beholders of the World’s biggest eyes. But, I think we should also value an abstract person who did a lot of things for us. He has the biggest eyes, wonderful ones. Those are the eyes that can visualize everything today and everyday. They can melt.

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