world’s biggest clock

The clock of the world this is a machine or a device which help people living in a certain country to know the time, whether is daytime or night, however, also help in identifying date and seasons throughout the year. With the help of Greenwich Meridian the whole world share this clock in the Saudi Arabia.
For the multitudes of the intellectual differences that are present all through the human evolution, we do share single world aim, to build bits and pieces bigger and better than the schmucks who are living next door. Each one of the seven wonders of the olden world was formed as a chest beating, neighbour-shaming testimony to builder’s awesomeness .However, that tradition continues even today with the Saudi Arabia’s substantial Mecca clock. A clock that is so massive that almost ended Greenwich Mean Time.75
The clocks be seated atop the Abraj Al-Bait (which is a Mecca Royal Hotel) this Tower hotel caters to rich pilgrims travelling throughout the holy land during Hajj in Muslim Religion. It’s built at the height at 1,972 feet, the Makkah clock is the biggest in the Saudi Arabia and the world wide is the second in the height only to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The entire height does not include a 233-foot tall spire that is been used in order to help trail the moon during the Holy Month in the Islamic Religion. However, even without, it still remain the world tallest clock tower and scientific phenomenon throughout the world. This is because of the Greenwich Merdian.1344316e354cfcddcfd8aafb099214c7
This watch was designed by the Swiss Engineering firm called Straintec, each of the four faces of the clock’s measures 141 feet square (making them the world’s major clock) they are comprised of 98 million mosaic pieces, and these pieces are outfitted with 2 millions LED lights which are adding up to a 56-foot hour hand in the clock and seventy two foot minute hand .There are also 21,000 green and white light that run all along the peak of the clock and flash during the day’s five call to prayers. However, these lights for prayers are noticeable up to 18 miles away from the city.4478501-786916
In the run up to the opening of the hotel in the year 2012, many people speculated that the clock would be set, to local Mecca time. Moreover the people around the world might forsake the Greenwich Time, the one hundred and twenty five years old, sequential center of the world. In conclusion this clock is a very important asset to the whole world.Masjid-al-Haram-and-the-Clock-Tower-in-Saturated-Colors-al-Masjid-al-Haram-in-Makkah-Saudi-Arabia-Picture
“According to yusuf al-Qaradawi, who is a popular cleric of Egypt. Suggested that for there is perfect alignment with the magnetic north, a slight piece of space where by the magnetism supposedly will not be present that is the reason why people who lives in Mecca are healthier since is less affected by the force of gravity” he said that you get stimulated with energy. However, the longitude of the Greenwich passes through the United State of America although the clock was set according to the Arabia time standard.Mecca_in_Saudi_Arabia-HD-Wallpapers-1080p

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