world’s biggest cake

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, special events and even on ordinary days, cakes are lovable delights for the tummy. Right now, you may be itching to go out and get that delicious cake from the nearby bakery. Almost everybody enjoy eating cakes. It has different flavors, toppings, icings and designs that could entice old and young individuals.Since you’re here, let us put your craving standards for cakes into a higher level. Satisfy your taste buds and your sweet tooth by reading this list of the Top 5 World’s Biggest Cake!

1. Cake by National Association Cake Designers Italy in Milan Measurements: 16.46 m x 13.94 m x 0.54 m (54 ft x 45 ft 7 in x 1 ft 9.25 in)naybilshyy_u_sviti_tort

: total surface of 244 square meters

When did it break record: October 4, 2015 during the Hobb Show at the Milan Trade Fair.

Italy has been known to be breaking records earlier this year, like the tallest Lego tower, largest tiramisu and of course, crowd’s fave, the world’s largest pizza. And these records didn’t stop the 300 cake designers and bakers who collaborated and created the largest cake in history. It was decorated with the country’s map and well-known monuments including the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Alps. The largest cake was made by a big large sponge base with icing sugar for its top. It was sliced into 12,000 cuts and shared to the visitors of the said event.

2. Cake for Procter & Gamble’s Fairy, London Measurement: 12.17m x 9.80m x 41cm When did it break the record: November 2014procter-and-gamble-fairy-sensitive-plyn-do-naczyn-d37485_3_6636

This was unveiled in West London’s Westfield Shopping Centre for Procter and Gamble’s liquid detergent brand. Fairy, supporting a charity called Make-A-Wish UK. The said cake was sliced and eaten by more or less 12,000 Westfield shoppers.

3. Cake for Saudi Arabia’s National Day Measurements: 11,70metres x 9.20metrest.php

When and where it was unveiled: This was seen in 2013, during the month of September, for the 85th national day of Saudi Arabia and was displayed in King Abdulaziz International Airport.

The cake’s design depicted the shape of Saudi Arabia Map in celebration of the country’s national day. It took four days for the 35 chefs to make this giant cake. This cake sculpture was in association with Saadeddin Pastry in Saudi Arabia and King Abdulaziz International Airport. It had fed 9,520 people.

4. Las Vegas Centennial Birthday cake Measurement: 128,360 pounds..article_5497226c679213.22057564

When it was unveiled: May 15, 2005

This outweighed our last cake in this list in the Guinness Book of World Records. It took 30,000 half-sheet cakes and about 18 tonnes of frosting to finish this.

5. Fort Payne Centennial caketort-100-fort-pein

Measurement: 32 feet wide and 80 feet long and weighed 128,238 pounds.

When it was unveiled: October, 1989

This 12-layer cake record was broken by the preceding one as the world’s largest cake. It was in 1989, in the month of October, when the residents of Fort Payne created it in celebration for the city’s 100th year anniversary. The cake was cut using a sword by a man named, Ed Flenderzon.

There you go with the biggest cakes the world has ever seen. The record for the world’s largest cakes could change anytime. As seen on the list, their sizes are not that far from each other. And maybe, you can create your own cake and be included on the list someday. Good luck on beating Italy!

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