world’s biggest bulldozer

World’s biggest bulldozers. Today we are going to tell you about the top 5 biggest bulldozers.These are wonders of their type.To me theses bulldozers look like body builders in machines,and when you see them you are going to agree with my words.Now we are going to see biggest of those’s biggest bulldozers photos

1. Komatsu D575A-3SD superdozer


This tremendous machine weighs 152,600 kg(336420 lb),and having a horse power of 1,150.

And it’s tank capacity is 2100 Itr (555gal).This World’s biggest bulldozer can dig to a depth 6 feet 9 inches using its single ripper.Height of this machine is 16 feet and length is 38 feet 5 inches.This bulldozer was produced by Komatsu Ltd , Japan. Production of this world’s biggest bulldozer was started from the year 1991 and is still producing.To transport this monster, it has to be divided into various parts, transportation of this machine in a whole is not possible because of its immense size. 8 trucks are needed to carry the parts of this Bulldozer.

2.Caterpillar D11R CD


This machine weighs 112,763 kgs (248,600 lbs), having a horsepower of 935. the fuel tank capacity of this bulldozer is 1609ltr(425gal).Height of this gaint is 14 foot 9 inches.And length is 38 feet 8 inches.This Bulldozer was produced by Caterpillar Inc. The production was started in the year 1996.Even this Bulldozer can’t be transported in one piece because of its huge size, it is dismantled and transported through semi-trailer trucks.The nearest direct competitor to Caterpillar is Komatsu D4757 (next one)

3.Komatsu D475A-5


The credits of building this machine goes again to Komatsu Ltd, which is also the builder of world’s biggest bulldozer.The weight of the machine is 108,390 kgs(238,960 lbs) and having a horse power of 899. The fuel tank capacity of the machine is 1670 ltr(277 gal).Height of this machine is 15 feet 3 inches .And length is 37 feet 11 inches.The production of this bulldozer was started in the year 1986.This was used in mining,open pit mining and in construction.Transportation of this machine is also done through dismantling.

4.Komatsu D375A-5


This bulldozer also comes from the family of world’s biggest bulldozers, this was also built by Komatsu Ltd.This machine weighs 67,305 kgs(148,382 lbs), having a horse power of 573.The fuel tank capacity of this Bulldozer is 1050 ltr(277 gal).It comes standard with palm command control also has KOMTRAX technology which sends equipment information and diagnostics to a secure website to be analysed.Transportation cannot be done in single piece.

5. Dressta TD-40E


The weight of this bulldozer is 66,600 kgs(146,916 lbs), having a horse power of 646 . The fuel tank capacity of this machine is 1362 ltr(360 gal).This was produced by Dressta Co.Ltd.Poland. Height of this Bulldozer was 14 foot 6 inches,And length of this machine is 34 feet.The steering control of this machine is done through joystick. This machine is used to perform ground work in constructions, and also uses in mining and also in forest areas.The standard version of this machine is designed to use in the temperate can also function at ambient temperatures from -50 degrees to +50 degrees.

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