world’s biggest book

The world’s biggest book is found in Kuthodaw pagoda, Myanmar. However, the book is on display in Sinpetri, Hungary by a watermill at the Aggtelek National Park. Its measurement and pages aren’t quite accurate but they are roughly 1460 pages each 108 centimeters wide, 153 centimeters tall and 13centimeters thick. Its also made with five pairs of hinges cut t by a company with laser. Each stone tablet is in a tomb like structure that is of a casket type and are arranged among a central golden pagoda.


It has an average weight of 1500 kg (3,306lb) and has a total of 429 pages. The book was discovered by Mshahed International Group in Dubai on the 27th of February 2012. The book entitled ‘the Prophet Mohamed” is a combination of events highlighting the lifetime achievements of Islam’s Prophet together with application of positive influence of Islam on the humanitarian scene. The book is so big such that it involved over 50 people in its making. Despite not being recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records, its the only existing, biggest single volume book.



I’m sure most people will ask where was the book printed at and what piece of paper was used. Well, according to my research, the paper came from an Australian paper mill and the printing was done on the large printers used for billboard printing. The original idea and project leaders involved in the book making was Bela Varga who was a paper engineering graduate and holds a PHD in Material Science and Technology from the West Hungary University, together with Gabor Varga, both who are related as father and son.


Research says that the book was created over a smooth period of nine months and is made from Felix and paper while the base and outer cover are made from titanium. The book is partially used as a tourist attraction site because, apart from being placed at one of the most prestigious malls in the world, The book brings lots of people who come to see the world’s largest book. The book is made in an antique way to commemorate king Mindon who wanted to leave behind after his death a great artwork in which people would remember him for. But with the invasion by the British in south Burma around the mid 19th century, king Mindon crafted the world’s largest book, and engraved it in gold so that the Islam teachings would not be lost to the Islam people.


The material used to make the book were transported by river to the city. He gathered the Ethiopian official who wrote down the words and gave them to the masons who crafted them on to the book. Each page consists of 80 to 100 lines totaling up to more than 116800.


The scribes working at full capacity took three days to recopy the front and back sides while a mason could craft up 16 lines in one day. The whole book was completed and exposed to the public first on May 4th 1868. The tablets were then arranged in rows, 42 in the innermost row, 519 in the outermost row and 168 in the center most row.


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