world’s biggest bodybuilder

The world’s biggest body builder of all time is Mr. Ronnie Coleman also known as the beast due to his body size and structure. He was born in Louisiana and went to Grambling State University where he played college football. Although he aspired to be a professional accountant, he later moved to Texas where he joined the Texas police force. Ronnie Coleman signed in a nearby gym in Texas in the year 1990 after a work mate invited him. Coleman took part in his first body building competition in 1990 and won the title of Mr. Texas. His performance impressed many people and he began to take over the world of body building.97191501_shokoladka

Many body builders have been before and after Ronnie Coleman but he still stands as the world’s biggest bodybuilder who has ever existed weighing three hundred pounds. He has power that goes with the body size, dead lifting over eight hundred and fifty pounds and benching close to the same weight.

Coleman is the current world’s biggest bodybuilder record holder of many title wins in body building sport with eight popular Mr. Olympia wins. In a span of seventeen years since the year 1990, the world’s biggest body builder, Mr Coleman, has won over twenty tittles including: World Amateur Championship in the year 1991, Canada Pro Cup in two consecutive years 1995 and 1996. In 1997, The world’s biggest bodybuilder added Grand Prix Russia title to his fast growing body building career. The year 1998 was a busy one for Mr. Coleman where he won five major titles in different competition that is: Night of Champions, Toronto Pro Invitational, Grand Prix Finland, Grand Prix Germany, and his popular Mr. Olympia. Coleman retained the Olympia title in the year 1999 and added two more titles to his collection the same year; Grand Prix England and World Pro Championship. In the year 2000, he retained all the titles he won the previous year and adding one more Mr. Brody Langley.iCkQiV8k7nsdHuB

Coleman retained the Mr. Olympia title for the third time consecutively in 2001 proving he was still the world’s biggest bodybuilder winning Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic and New Zealand Grand Prix in the same year. The following year, Coleman was still reigning in the Olympia competition and won Grand Prix Holland title as well. Mr. Ronnie was still the unstoppable Mr. Olympia champion in the years 2003, 2004, and 2005. In those three years, he also won Grand Prix Russia in 2003 and 2004, Grand Prix England and Grand Prix Holland in 2004 and was still reigning as the world’s biggest bodybuilder.Ronnie-Coleman2

In the year 2006, Coleman’s career was coming to an end and he became second in all the competitions he participated in, that is Grand Prix Austria, Grand Prix Holland, Grand Prix Romania, and Mr. Olympia. He eventually retired in the year 2007 after becoming forth in Mr. Olympia competition.Ronnie-Coleman16

Even though Ronnie Coleman has retired from professional bodybuilding, he still remains the world’s biggest bodybuilder and the most celebrated of all time bagging a total of twenty nine titles between the year 1990 to 2007 in the International Federation of Body Building competitions.Ронни_Коулмэн2

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