world’s biggest aircraft carrier

The world’s biggest aircraft carriers are a vital part of warfare in every country and very impressive ships to behold. They are critical to warfare because one of the main obstacles to winning or losing a battle is getting aircrafts to their destination. An aircraft carrier alleviates this by storing a large amount of army aircraft close to the destinations where the aircraft are needed. What exactly is an aircraft carrier? It is at its core level, a ship that includes a deck for military airplanes to take off from. In other words, an aircraft carrier is a huge launching pad for aircraft used in battle. The ships can also hold a significant amount of navy personnel. In this article we will talk about 5 of the world’s biggest air craft carriers and provides some information on the attributes and what makes them so great.
Nimitz (U.S. Aircraft Carrier)

070522-N-8157C-820  ARABIAN SEA (May 22, 2007)- USS Nimitz (CVN 68) transits through the Gulf of Oman. Nimitz, as part of the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group, is on deployment in support of Maritime Operations. Maritime Operations help set the conditions for security and stability, as well as complement counter-terrorism and security efforts to regional nations. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Denny Cantrell (RELEASED)

This ship is known as the largest aircraft carrier in the world. This ship was originally commissioned in 1974. The ship itself is approximately 333 meters long which is the equivalent of about 1,093 feet and can hold a little over 3,000 U.S. navy personnel. It also has a four and a half acre deck for flights which can carry 60 plus aircrafts. The ship sits above 20 stories above the water.
Admiral Kuznetsov (Russian Aircraft Carrier)istoria_soz03
This ship is the second largest aircraft carrier in the world and the only aircraft carrier the Russian navy has.
It was launched and commission in 1985. It sits at approximately 305 meters long or 1,000 feet and can hold around 1,600 Russian navy personnel. It can hold around 40 Russian aircrafts. This ship is not as large as the Nimitz but is very close.
Liaoning (Chinese Aircraft Carrier)384071089
This ship is the third largest aircraft carrier in the world. This ship was originally owned by Russia and developed as a part of the Admiral Kuznetsov. The Chinese purchased the ship, retrofitted the ship for military service suitable to their needs, and commissioned the ship in September of 2012. The ship can carry up to 50 Chinese aircrafts and is 304 meters or 998 feet long. Liaoning carries a mixture of Russian and Chinese aircraft that are ready for battle. With the Chinese now owning this ship, the balance of naval power has become more dominant in the pacific waters of the world.
Charles de Gaulle (French Aircraft Carrier)frances-charles-de-gaulle-aircraft-carrier-isis-charlie-hebdo
The French aircraft is the fourth largest aircraft carrier in the world and the largest ship in the Western half of Europe. It is approximately 262 meters or around 860 feet long and it can carry and support 40 French aircrafts. It can also carry a crew of nearly 2,000 people as well. With the recent terrorist attacks in France, the French government has recently deployed this ship to the Middle East to assist in the war against terror.
Sao Paulo (Brazil Aircraft Carrier)s032f44cw3
Last but not least, Sao Paulo is the fifthof the world’s largest aircraft carriers. The ship was purchased from the French in 2000 and commissioned the same year. It can hold close to 2,000 Navy officers and 39 Brazilian aircrafts. It sits at around 265 meters or 870 feet long.

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