World’s best voice

Power. When you think of this word you wouldn’t immediately think it would have anything to do with the tone, cadence and overall desirability of someones speaking voice but it does when you are Morgan Freeman.morgan-freeman-egypt_

I believe Morgan Freeman has the world’s best voice. I mean think about it. When you see a movie and you hear this mans voice you immediately turn to butter. Of all the voices in the world you hear his and it truly is the world’s best voice. The deep resonance and tone of his voice truly makes you think of someone with ultimate power.

I bet most of you have seen the film Bruce Almighty. Yes? Well if you have then you have seen Morgan Freeman play God himself. Flow’s that for powerful? The man even narrated a 2-hour long movie on penguins for crying out loud! His voice is the most desired speaking voice in the world. Instantly recognizable and immediately grabs your attention.freeman_990

When you think about what it would mean to have the world’s best voice, you would probably think that it would mean you have a voice that many people would love to have. I am an aspiring actor and the be born with a voice like his is truly something special. You think about radio hosts and what their voices have to sound like to hold your attention without ever seeing them, how on earth do you get a voice like his along with the acting chops to make it in the hardest business in the world; film.MTE1ODA0OTcxNjMzNjQwOTcz

I went to a party last week and we have a friend who does the best Morgan Freeman impersonation. His voice is deep and soulful. It carries in a room with minimal effort on his part. As we were playing Cards Against Ftumanity we all took notice of how magical even the dirtiest phrases on the cards sounded when read them in the impersonation of Morgan Freeman’s voice. We had to pause to take note of what was being read to us .Science Channel

It is often said of all great singers, actors and voice over artists that you could listen to them read the phone book and be satisfied. Well that is true of Morgan Freeman. His voice is both seductive and triumphant. It can call you to duty or lull you to sleep. You can even be engaged in a documentary about cute little waddling animals and be so enamored and enthralled you forget that this is a movie about penguins and the arctic cold.
Now some could argue me that there are other actors who have the world’s best voice but I doubt they could find someone with the track record of Mr. Freeman. The victor of the World’s Best Voice award would most definitely have to go to him if there was indeed an award somewhere for this .

Morgan Freeman March 1990

If we want to get into world’s best singing voice we might be here for entirely too long. But for now we can rest assured if someone did have to read us , in it’s entirety, the phone book , we would most definitely want it to be the person I nominate for the world’s best voice: Morgan Freeman.

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