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It doesn’t matter if you are writing a school paper, or if you are trying to type a novel that you intend to publish one day. Sooner or later, you are gong to need to have a word or phrase translated into a language that you aren’t very familiar with. There a many different ways to do this, but the easiest way is to simply use an online translation tool. Unfortunately, there are many different websites you have to consider. In this guide, you will explore the best available translation website available on the web.

1. Googlegoogle-translate-logo-1440x564_c

Translate Google Translate is one of the most advanced and powerful translation softwares on the Internet to date.

The very simple and sophisticated menu allows you to translate anything you need from any language to any other language. If you don’t know what language your original word, phrase, or document is in, Google Translate can detect the language and translate it automatically for you!

2. SpanishDictpage-title

If you are certain about translating to or from Spanish, this website is the one for you. It gives you many different options if you are translating a word, just like a real dictionary would. If you have more than a word you are attempting to translate, SpanishDict utilizes three different translation softwares built into their website in order to supply you with the most accurate translation you will find anywhere on the web.

3. FreeTranslation


This website is built almost identical to Google Translate, making it also a very powerful translation tool. But, the uniqueness of this website comes from the ability to upload documents for the website to translate. If you
don’t feel like using an automated software to translate your documents, FreeTranslation also offers professional translation services where a real human will translate your document for a small fee. If you visit their website, you are able to get a free instant quote on how much a professional translation would cost, just by uploading your document to their website!

4. Reverso1024x1024sr

The layout and usage of Reverso is a little bit difficult to use, especially compared to many other online translators out there. However, Reverso allows you to spellcheck your document before you translate it into your desired language. All in all however, this translator still is very useful, despite the strange layout.

Reverso also contains buttons for the most popular translations you will find, so you aren’t required to hunt through dozens of different dialects in order to locate the one you desire!

5. WorldLingoworldlingo

If you must compare between all of the translation softwares out there, this one would likely be considered the most advanced translator out there. Not only can you translate documents or words, but you can also translate websites or emails with this very handy tool! The layout on their website isn’t exactly the cleanest you will find online, but the multiple tabs of different translation options allow you to locate the proper translation tool surprisingly quickly. If you decide to use the email tab, it will allow you to quite literally type in an email, then it will translate it and automatically send the message to the designated address.

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