world’s best tank

There are many tanks of the world.I write about world’s best battle tanks.We called them world’s best tanks, because of many reasons.They are fire power, armor protection,the ability to maneuver,easy method of production of tank and the subconscious effect on the enemy only with it’s appearance .Now we look about the world’s best tanks.I mention about 5 tanks, and they took top five ranks of the world’s best tanks.Some tanks are made in past and some tanks are modern.


01 – T – 34 First rank of the world’s best tanks was taken by the Soviet battle tank.This world’s best tank has most popular characters.This world’s best tank’s speed is 55 km/h, reservation is 65 mm, and main gun is 76.2 mm. T-34, the world’s best tank has the best combat power, the ability to maneuver,and armor protection.Furthermore, this world’s best tank can produce easily.And look of the world’s best tank draws the enemy away.The world’s best tank has a good condition.Enemies can not think, what are they doing, when they saw this world’s best tank. Because these features,T-34 get first place of world’s best tanks.

Iraqi Freedom

02 – M 1 Abrams Tank Second rank of the world’s best tanks was taken by United States’ battle tank.This world’s best tank’s max speed is 75 km/h and main gun is 120 has the most feared tank and enemies are afraid, when they see this world’s best tank. At the same time, fire power and armor are the best of this world’s best tank.The design of world’s best tank is very complicated and expensive.


03 – Tank “Tiger” Tank “Tiger” get third rank of the world’s best tanks’ list, and it was made in Germany at 42nd year, second world has great protection.This world’s best tank is heavy but quick, enough to that time.It’s max speed is 37 km/h,armor is 100 mm,and main gun is 88 mm. This world’s best tank is a good production of the combat is a surprise, that they made a battle tank as tank “Tiger” at that time.


04 – WWI Tank This world’s best tank was made in England early twentieth century, and it get forth place of the world’s best tanks’ list.This world’s best tank’s max speed is 16.5 km/h.This world’s best tank’s armor is 6-12 mm and main gun is a pair of 6 foot guns.The first thing, This world’s best tank has extremely thin armor. WWI, world’s best tank was terribly clumsy, and heavy without any maneuverability. We haven’t seen anything like this, in last century.This is enormous battle tank.


05 – Tank “centurion” This battle tank get fifth place of world’s best tanks’ list.Tank “centurion” was made in England.This world’s best tank’s max speed is 35 km/h, armor is 17-152 mm and main gun is 105 mm.This world’s best tank is a powerful British war machine, but it did not have good maneuverability.This tank armor is admirable, but it is not so important.They produced this world’s best tank in short time and is cheaper than other battle tanks.Therefore, this world’s best tank was made quickly and on a large rate.

These world’s best tanks get places of top 5 in the famous battle tanks list.

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