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Have you ever been glued on the screen just waiting to see what will happen next and next after next? Curiosity, suspense and emotions, the list is endless. Phone calls, text messages and just a simple knock on the door become a nuisance. I call it the power of a great series. Too bad there is no rehabilitation for its addiction. Severally we find ourselves in such situations and if you’ve watched Prison Break you must be a victim.449508ebb10f433ac3f5a4472ac4dd54

Who has never heard of Prison Break live alone watching? This is a series you will repeat again and again and still enjoy it. It is that addictive. In 2006, Prison Break won an award as the outstanding television drama and has continued to receive numerous nominations for example as the best television series and up to date people still watch and talk about it. We have also seen some clones; directors trying to make a different version of the same series. It has a rating of 8.5 out of a possible 10.0 and some of its episodes have gone ahead to hit a rating of 9.0.prison-break-5

As a result of a governmental conspiracy, Lincoln Burrows, an innocent man, is sent on a death penalty. It is said that he murdered the Vice President’s brother. What makes it even more interesting is that the supposed dead man is alive. Lincoln is left with no other choice than to depend on his brother, Michael Scofield; who gets himself arrested and referred to the same prison, to break him out of the prison. Who would have ever thought how entertaining and interesting it would be to watch people break out of a prison?prison_break_1

Michael has his plans well laid. He researches all about the prison before he gets himself arrested and all his plan is put on his body in the form of a tattoo. We rarely bother to find out the meanings of the tattoos we find on people’s body so it works out well for Michael, and he finally breaks his brother out accompanied by other inmates too. No man is an island. The chase for the escapees continues and this cost some of the employees their jobs. Michael is portrayed as a genius as well as a leader. His famous quote is: “Trust me, the
less you know the better.” How would you feel when someone tells you that and still expects you to trust them.

Michael also finds himself in another prison, where still he is expected to break out another inmate. He finally makes it and the drama continues. It is so unfortunate he loses his life as suicidal and leaves behind his pregnant girl whom they met in prison where she used to treat the inmates and also aided in their breakout. He electrocutes himself as he doesn’t want to see the people he loves suffer because of his brain tumor.prison_break_72245

If you haven’t watched the famous Prison Break, grab your copy in any series outlet and trust mi; you never know what you are missing until you get it, will transform into a reality!

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