World’s best paid football player

Football is one of the most popular sports globally and interestingly one of games associated with alot of glamour and hype. Forbes has rated football as one of the best paid professional sports with players taking home millions of money back home perhaps earning even more than people working in formal institutions.

This brings us to the question; who is the most well paid footballer in our era? To some of us, the answer may seem obvious but to others, perhaps not. The ambiguity of this question lies in the confusing aspect as to whether the most well paid footballer is the best footballer in the globe. The truth of the matter is that the best paid footballer does not necessarily mean they are the best considering that image and marketing rights play a major role in determining the final pay to the footballer.Profile2-1245x817

Christiano Ronaldo has been rated by Forbes to be the most well paid footballer currently taking home an estimated $80 million annually from his employers Real Madrid football club which quite dwarfs the amount paid to arguably the best footballer of the era Lionel Messi of Barcelona FC who only takes home around $65 million annually. Christiano Ronaldo better known as CR7 was born on 5th February 1985 in a small island off Portugal called Madeira. CR7 as a boy started playing for his home club youth team and considering his obvious talents was invited to Lisbon to train with Sporting Lisbon’s youth team. he-recently-signed-a-contract-thatll-pay-him-23-million-per-year-until-2018--making-him-the-worlds-highest-paid-active-playerFrom then on, it was an upward spiral for the young teenager as CR7 was signed by Manchester United for a whooping $20 million which was a mind-boggling sum to pay for a teenager. His good pay at Manchester united made Christiano one of the best paid teenagers during his time but this was well replicated on the field. He went on to win the Fifa World Player of the Year in 2008 after winning the champions league. His devastating form in the field helped Manchester united bag numerous titles not to mention the Premier League, Carlings Cup and the FA cup several times. This phenomenon could no longer be contained in Manchester and he went to be signed by Real Madrid for a world record fee of 80 million pounds becoming the most expensive footballer of the time. It was in real Madrid that Ronaldo has become the darling of the football world. His exceptional talents have continued excelling as evidenced by his recent bagging of two consecutive FIFA world player of the year in
2012 and 2014 seasons.
Despite his gigantic salary of around 11 million Euros annually, CR7 has forged a strong relationship with major marketing brands that has seen him become the most popular football image in our time. Chrisriano Ronaldo being one of the most marketable athletes has engaged in a whole lot of endorsements that has seen his wealth fortunes grow astronomically. These endorsements have been heralded by global brands like Nike,Coca Cola and Samsung. Moreover, CR7 has a great eye for fashion and has his own cloth line as well as fragrance brand which has only been released. This is just evidence of how CR7 is an accomplished entrepreneur never settling for less in his shrewd dealings.pep-e1399417167921

Perhaps the next question in our minds is; where does CR7 take all this money? Well, perhaps it would be difficult to really describe into details how this is done but for anyone who has followed CR7’s life closely; we would all agree that he is a man of glamour always living to his billing. In as much as CR7 may not be described as the most philanthropic mega star on earth, there are several acts of mercy that has been well publicized not to forget his charity work for victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 that wrecked havoc in Indonesia.lionel-messi-is-the-highest-paid-soccer-player-in-the-world-and-its-not-even-close

In as much as we may not all love Christiano, he is the most well paid athlete and surely he really knows how to use his money! Kudos CR7!

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