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The debate around world’s best music is a never-ending due to heterogeneity of societies in the world today. Music is as old as history of man. Archeologists have in their numerous researches discovered musical tools used by the early man. Globalization has enabled music to transcend boundaries as has technological advances where traditional musical instruments have undergone improvements and more sophistry seen in recording in some cases dead artistes ‘brought into life’ through renditions with living artistes.8dZrcZZrsXo
In the 20th going into 21st century, music genres which have stood out are: pop, rock, rhythm and blues, reggae and hiphop. These genres have managed to transcend boundaries spreading influence among the masses straddling all the world’s continents. Sold out concerts are a characteristic of these genres with the most popular musicians having a cult-like following almost achieving demi-god status. The likes of Beyonce, Elvis Presley, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson to name just but a few have a vice-like grip on their masses influencing even the politics of the countries they hail from.69874698
The history of reggae music particularly, is a story of music that has overcome adversity to cement its place among the most loved. It has influenced fashion and politics. It has transcended continental and racial boundaries resonating not only with the masses in ghettoes but also suburbs.
Reggae music originated from Jamaica in the 1960s. There are many versions surrounding the origin of the name reggae. Some contemporary scholars allude that the name is a corrupted version of rege rege which means ragged, others streggea meaning loose woman in Jamaican patois. Bob Marley himself said it meant music for the king a corruption of Latin word regi. Reggea music beats are heavily influence by New Orleans rhythm and blues which evolved into ska and rocksteady in the early 1960s in Jamaica.i
Popularity of the music emanated from the social, political and religious message the music conveyed. After Jamaica’s independence in 1962, political freedom did not translate into economic freedom. More people continued to wallow in poverty and ghettoes mushroomed where crime and violence took centre stage. Corruption, betrayal and unfulfilled promises dominated the early political scene. Inspired by elders who had followed the prophecies of Marcus Garvey, pan Africanist ideals of Kwame Nkrumah, George Padmore, Tubman and Patrice Lumumba he early reggae artistes conveyed a deep social, religious and political message resonating with black race who decades before had found themselves working in American plantations before Abraham Lincoln’s famous declaration that freed all slaves. Through capturing the deprivations, desolation, subjugation, exploitation, domination and discrimination that had defined blackman’s history in the preceding 400 years,the popularity of the genre grew in leaps and bounds. From rebels fighting despotic governments in Africa, South America and Asia to citizens feeling the pinch of capitalistic greed in America and Europe that was triggering an arms race, reggae music was the soothing voice of reason and hope to the hopeless and downpressed.reggae_music_by_maatirunaway
Much credit is given to Bob Marley for popularising reggae but efforts of early industrial players like his fellow bandmates; Peter Macintosh, Bunny Wailer Winston Rodney, Joseph Hills, Israel Vibrations, Mighty Diamonds, Itals, Astronauts, Steel Pulse and a host of other early musicians cannot be overstated. They are also credited with growth of rastafarianism leading to its recognition by the United Nations as a world religion in 1997.
Today this is the commonly played type of music in clubs in Africa, Latin America. It has evolved into several versions like fast-paced ragga popularised in the 1990s by the likes of Supercat, Buju Banton, Shaggy and today by Vybes Kartel and Mavado. Many hip hop artistes have done collaborations with Jamaican artistes cementing the music’s place as one of the most influential genres.thai-karaoke-5-0-s-307x512

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